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Questions C_FIORDEV_22 SAP Fiori Application Developer

What are the current UI Technologies of SAP?

Which actions can performed from the theme Maintenance window?
Which of the following information about an OData service should be provided as an annotation?
Which of following description about search field is NOT true?
What is the initial starting phase of SAPUI5 called?
Which of the following are key features of SAPUI5?
What activity does the QUnit Stub functionality perform?
What is the prefix of the HTML custom attibutes of SAPUI5?
You need the backend server to sort and filter the data used in your customer’s app.Which SAPUI5supported data model must you use?
Which JavaScript function is called to define a module?
Which design pattern is used for resolving relationships between resources?
Design innovation comes at the intersection of which three components?
Which of the following are the two options provided by SAPUI5 for working with i18n text?
What is the name of the event that is fired after a successful SAPUI5 initialization?
What impact does SAP Fiori have on Business?
The field indicate criticality should be hidden because it means nothing to end user
When you implement a dialog using a fragment, you should bind the fragment to the lifecyle management of the consuming view. Which function do you need to call on the consuming view to connect the dialog to the lifecyle management of the view?
What are the limitations of publishing CDS as OData service by adding a @OData.publish:true?
Which component acts as a reverse proxy in a typical SAP Fiori architecture?
What are the lifecycle events of an SAPUI5 view controller?Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question.
Which of the following features can be used to describe a module?
Which of the following properties are relevant to the type of facet?
Which of the following are the binding types supported in SAPUI5?
What is the key concept of SAPUI5 that enables the separation of information representation from user interaction?
Choose available options for creating a value help for a selection field
What are the options for external navigation?
What function can be used to check whether the OData model contains changes?
Which phase involves sharing and structuring the data collected?
Which statements are true of SAP Screen Personas?
What is the vision of SAP when considering SAP’s UX direction?
How do you catch invalid hashes in your routing configuration?
Which type of UI control is used to embed a component into a component consumer?
Which SAP Fiori apps are designed to run on mobile devices?
What are the ideas behind the SAP UX strategy?
Which transaction code is used to activate and/or maintain OData services, as well as to see a list of all registered OData services in the SAP Gateway instance?
Which info will be used for creating a destination in SAP BTP for SAP Fiori elements development?
Which are advantages of SAP Business Application Studio?
What are some of the advantages of the SAP Fiori Tools in Business Application Studio / Visual Studio Code?
Which of the following types are types of cards in an Overview Page?
What goals does the SAPUI5 framework have?
Which single component contains all the add-ons utilized by OData services?
Which SAP Fiori app types require the SAP HANA database?Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question.
How can you hide some columns when the list report is accessed by a mobile phone?
What view type does SAP reommend?
In order to have a SAP Fiori app tile or link show automatically in a users SAP Fiori launchpad, what must the user by granted access to?
Which fragment type is not available in SAPUI5?
Which types are supported as header facets for an object page?
What are the SAP Fiori principles?
What steps are part of the design phase in the DLD?
Which enhancement component of an SAP Fiori app allows for sections of a delivered view to be hidden via a control?
Which of the following parameters must you provide when you create an initial Cloud Connector Configuration?
What are the features of SAP Fiori elements?
Which OData versions are currently supported by SAPUI5?
Which of following templates display only one business entity?
What impact does UX have on monetary values?
When creating a CDS view, the SQL view name and view name for CDS must be identical
Which of the following are key features of SAPUI5?
You develop an SAPUI5 app that can be extended. To allow your customer to customize notifications, you set up a hook method.What activities are required to set up a hook method?Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question.
When running a list report, users can only filter data using fields provided as selection fields by developer
What is the key concept of SAPUI5 that enables the separation of information representation from user interaction?
Which types of components are provided by SAPUI5?
Which system environment offer the UI Theme Designer?
What tool is used to connect the SAP Business technology Platform to an on-premise system?
Which JavaScript function is used to lead a module asynchronously?
If your back end system is based on ABAP 7.50, which are available ways of using facets?
Who provides content for the SAP Business Technology Platform?
In which cases, is a local annotation better than a CDS annotation?
What are the three main components of the SAP user experience strategy?
Which UI Technology serves its applications utilizing SAP Gatwway?
Which function invocation is necessary to set up the routing inside a Worklist app?
Which layout control can help you group UI controls?
Which system environment offer the UI Theme Designer?
Using SAP S/Hana 1610 with ABAP 7.71, which of following templates can you use for SAP fiori elements?
Which enumeration defines the various binding modes provided by SAP?
Which of the following statements are true about the relationship between flavors and transactions?
The CDS annotation @UI.facet is used to:
Which methods can you use to bind data to the controls in SAPUI5?Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question.
What are the differences between analytical entity set and normal entity setr from an OData consumer perpective?
What steps are used to display a field as a rating indicator?
SAP Fiori elements support write operations, if the back end service is written by CDS working with BOPF
When deciding between a cloud environment an d an on-premise installation, what is the primary trade-off?
Which of following steps are needed to create an association in CDS and expose it?
Whith of the followin statements are true when talking about SAP Fiori?
Which function is provided to register a URL prefix for a module name prefix?
What is the use of the annotation @UI.hidden?
Which of the following pattern sequences are the QUnit tests based on?
which of the following are goals of the 360-degree Research phase of design thinking?
While testing an SAP Fiori app you discover that the navigation on the page does not work correctly Which of the following agile pyramid options do you use?
Why was the application code rewritten for SAP S/4HANA?
SAP Screen Personas can be used to improve productivity though personalization of which types of applications?
What steps needs to be done in manifest.json if you need to hide variant function in a list report?
To which service must you subscribe in order to create a site?
Which of the following statements are true for OpenUI5?
Which HTTP verb is used to pass information to the service to create an entity?
Which type of views are used in SAP Fiori apps?
Which OData service message format has the least amount of protocol overhead, meaning is it smaller in terms of size?
Which areas are part of an Analytic List Page?
In an Analytic List Page the user can filter data by selecting some points in the chart
Which root element can be used when developing a worklist app?
Which of the following lifecycle hook methods can be implemented by the developer in a view controller?
What can you do by editing manifest.json?
How do you set a field as the title for a business entity?
You want to create a business catalog for all employees that contains a standard SAP Fiori app.How would you do this?
Which of the following statements are true with respect to fragments?
The combination of Term/Target is unique, that means for an Entity ora field, every term can be used only once
In which file is the component controller implemented?
Which measurement unit is used for the property hSpacing?
Which class is normally used as the base class when implementing a SAPUI5 view controller?
What is the required content in the Component.js file for an extension project?Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question.
What does OData use for resource identification?
Which parameter do you need to provide to the ResourceModel() to specify the SAPUI5 module name of the .properties file?
Which of the following statements are true with respect to the SAP Business Application Studio?
Which of the following are key components of SAPUI5?
Which of the following return types are supported by service operations?
Which of the following SAP key UI technologies are currently recommended by SAP?
Which libraries should be used first in the case of application development library overlap?
What can be maintained from the personas Admin UI?
What steps are part of the discover phase in the DLD?
For a list report, which annotation is used to describe the name of business entity displayed on the report?
What are the current SAP UI Tools?
To add a header facet, you should use @UI.HeaderFacet annotation and put it before the define statement of your CDS view

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