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Questions C_S4FTR_2021 SAP Certified Application Associate Treasury

The data footprint increased with the introduction of SAP S/4 HANA.
Which of the following contract types is used as a hedging instrument? Current account style instrument
Which activities can you configure to initiate the deal release workflow for a money market transaction?
Which of the values are required for the valuation that takes place during the release of hedging business transactions ?
You are testing the creation of references between contracts. For which scenarios does the system create references automatically?
You need to ensure the correspondence is generated after the trade is created and saved. What is the trigger for the correspondence?
Which of the class is needed so that the position management procedure can be determined for exposure subitems?
Which of the analyzer component of SAP Treasury and Risk Management offers corporations and insurance companies a range of functions for managing risks on a global basis?
Which of the following details must you enter when you define Cash Management account names?
Which of the following scenarios trigger a Bank Account Management work-flow? 2
Which of the following describes the customization of the payment approval pattern?
Which type of pools are entered in the master data ?
Which of the pool participants are represented in the system by a fund or a combination of a fund and grant?
Which of the function selects the exposure subitem position flows to be reclassified?
You need to approve the standard workflow template WS78500050. Which SAP Fiori app do you use?
If the exposure position has been transferred to Hedge Management, which of the following applies:
Which item is maintained in the standing instructions of a business partners counterparty role? 1
What is performed with the maturity date of the financial transaction and with the end of the hedging relationship?
What is evaluated to ensure proper calculation of the reclassification amounts and the relevant hedging relationship is classified and posted on the reclassification date?
Where the Transaction Manager supports you by complying with the legal requirements according to the German Fiscal Code and the publication Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documentation from the German Federal Ministry of Finance?
What is used to transfer postings from a period, for example the current fiscal year, from your source systems to your Central Finance system?
What cannot be posted because of an invalid mapping rule, missing Customizing, or master data?
Which mapping do you use for objects which are maintained in customizing?
After you activate financial object integration for Market Risk Analyzer, what becomes available for the contracts?
Which of the class is automatically determined from the settings made in Customizing on the product type level?
Which of the level is used to determine whether the hedging instruments are designated to the net exposure item or to the gross exposure item with larger absolute value of the relevant analysis item?
Which data element do you require to add a bank account to a bank account hierarchy?
Manager can be evaluated and monitored using the functions in Risk Management?
Which of the following payments can be executed by the treasury payment program?
Where you can navigate back from an Fl document to the original sales order?
What makes ensure that Fl transactions that are dependent on one another are not processed simultaneously as this could lead to errors?
Which of the value always relates to a basis spread ID, a quotation type, and a rate date?
You note missing memo record information on a report. Which table do you check to analyze the problem?
Which of the following objects is considered master data for a securities contract?
Which of the pool certificates are mapped using securities from the Investment Certificate product category?
Which of the management cockpit enables you to gain an overview of the foreign exchange risk that your company is exposed to, as well as the hedging instruments?
You are testing new products. Which of the following trade types creates postings for an exchange of nominal amounts? 1
You create a securities account with a liability security accounts category. Which securities does it hold?
What does SAP’s Multi-Bank Connectivity provide for your project? 3
Which of the exposures are risk positions that result from transactions that you can either import using a BAPI from a source system?
Which of the model is largely an optimization in which the system finds values for the Hull- White volatility parameters sigma and reversion ratea, in which the option prices, calculated using the Hull-White model or Black Scholes model, match as far as possible?
What customizing settings do you apply to automatically create hedge accounting data? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question
What are entered on a higher level than the analysis items?
Which of the items reflect the granularity on which you monitor and hedge your FX exposures in the hedge management cockpit (transaction TOENE)?
At which levels are authorizations assigned in the business partner standing instructions?
Which import option for market data is supported?
Which of the data transfer program uses an import (receiver) structure called a transfer category to map external data to risk objects?
Why do you set sensitive fields when you customize bank account master data?
What cannot be linked to the corresponding CO line items. For example, when document summarization is turned on, new postings cannot be created because no CO object can be found to which expenses or revenues are posted?
Which of the report is relevant if you start with the Hedge Management and Accounting of Net Open Exposures process and need to initialize existing hedging relationships?
What are used for the interest rate instrument on which the reference interest rate is based to describe when and how much money is paid?
You create a money market cieaLWhen do you specify the currency on the entry screen?
Which of the manager is responsible for providing information about the short- and medium term financial situation as a basis for financial planning?
Where you can also configure for which master data (business partner, customer, vendor) the company code is created?
Which calculation methods can you configure for the value at risk analysis? 3
Which elements control account determination for Transaction Manager deals? 3
The internal accounting interface posts Financial Accounting (Fl)/Management Accounting (CO) documents to _____ as a universal journal entry
Which of the risk tile displays balance sheet FX risk measures absolute exposures, absolute hedges, and absolute net exposures as well as hedge amount and exposure amounts on the level of the company codes in display currency?
Which action is unique to a Non-Deliverable Forward deal type?
You need to analyze the result of an estimated change of interest rates on the net present value of the portfolio. How do you perform this analysis?
Which of the item represents the operational exposure that results from designation splitting?
Which of the option allows you to write-up or write-down a position to a fixed book value?
Which is the right order the transaction Manager steps are mostly used in TRM ? please provide correct sequence?
From which sources can you copy reference data during the planning process?
Which function is performed in Credit Risk Analyzer?
Which of the following prerequisites must a business partner have who is linked to a bank in the Manage Banks app? 2
Where you collect future incoming and outgoing payments of your company that are associated with a currency risk?
Which of the ID is displayed and you can open a dialog box with detailed information about the snapshot corresponding to the exposure item?
Which reference data sources can the subsidiary cash manager use for planning purposes?
What must you do when you configure the Automatic Payment Transactions for Payment Requests program?
You are testing a cash flow transaction. How do you capture the flows?
Which of the components are used to calculate the cost of hedging reserve?
Which of the component is a subarea of the Treasury Management solution area ?
What can be based on both real and simulated market prices?
SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER is a sample role that maps the whole cash management process?
In which activity, you can compare the actual postings to management accounting (CO) with the expected postings.?
What can be used for bank-internal risk control, as well as for regulatory external control?
Which of the following are source applications for snapshots in Cash Management? 2
What are premiums and discounts on one side of a basis swap that make the swap into a fair transaction?
What are the phases of a hedging relationship? 3
You work on a business blueprint for the correspondence business partner group. Which configuration settings can you select? 2
Which of the following are dual control workflows in treasury payment processes?
Which of the carries the hedging reserve and cost of hedging reserve of the hedging instrument?
Which object do you use to create a portfolio hierarchy?
Which of the following accrual and deferral methods are supported?
Which type of relationships are performed as key date valuations (transaction TPM1) or as part of derived business transactions?
163. What do payment signatories in Bank Account Management enable you to do? 2
Which of the date is determined according to the settings that you have made in the Balance Sheet Recognition field on the Hedge Accounting I tab of the hedging area?
What must you define before you can create a liquidity item hierarchy?
What can either be on providing an internal service for the affiliated group companies?
Which of the management enables you to gain an overview of the foreign exchange risk that your company is exposed to, as well as the hedging instruments which you used to mitigate that risk?
When you use the bank account upload functionality, which of the following operations can you perform? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question
Which of the requests are now relevant for the trader, who searches for the released FX hedge requests in the Process Hedge Request fuction and creates hedging instruments, according to the information given in the hedge request?
Which of the manager is based on the business partner concept?
Which of the profile is assigned to each hedging relationship in the Manage Hedging Relationships function (transaction TPM100) on the Hedging Relationship Details tab in the Risk and Profile area?
You configure a new money market product and need to ensure the product follows the Order — Contract — Settlement process steps. How do you achieve this requirement?
Which of the derivative is required for performing the effectiveness tests?
Which of the positions are integrated in market risk analyzer of treasury and risk management ?
What are risk positions that result from your transactions and that you can either import using a BAPI from a source system create automatically logistics, or enter manually in the system?
You need to run three accounting principles (GAAPs) in parallel for one accounting code. How must you specify the accounting settings? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question
Which of the class is needed so that the position management procedure can be determined for exposure subitems?
Which type of user; who is responsible for analyzing errors in AIF a user based on the role template SAP_AIF_USER.?
Which money market activity categories can you configure to generate correspondence? 3
Which of the analyzer focuses on measuring, analyzing and controlling counterparty default risk?
Which of the date is derived from the designation splitting settings made on the Hedge Accounting I tab in the hedging area?
Which of the components are calculated based on the forward (NPV_FWD) and the CCBS (NPV_CCBS) components?
Which of the calculation type controls the creation of the hypothetical derivative, the decomposition of the market rate components, and the creation of the market value components?
You have enabled two business transaction events (BTE) in configuration to enable signatory control. What impact does this have on the payment approval process?
Which fields are required to enter a money market contract? 3
what are the benefits of Treasury and risk management belongs to S/4 HANA? multiple answers for this question
You implement Market Risk Analyzer
Your current payment outflows meet all netting requirements. Which Transaction Manager flows can you link through netting? 3
What are the three SAP FIORI USER experience paradigms as below mentioned?
What does allow you to distribute messages to different users, use alerts, and carry out reporting?
What must you do before you can use the Reconcile Cash Flows – Intraday Memo Record process?
Which steps must you configure to activate SAP SAHANA Cash Management? 2
Which of the logic is based on repayment flows that contain the payment date, payment amount and currency?
Which of the following file types are supported by default when you use SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity? 3
Which of the partner is used for asset positions, and the company code is used for liabilities positions?
Which advantages do you have by using the side-car approach for SAP SMHANA Cash Management? 2
What is a position that is needed when you use the automated designation process for hedge accounting?
Which of the data is stored in business partner maintenance under Company Code on a number of tabs?
You experience a low automatic reconciliation for incoming payments. What must you create?
Which of the object is used to archive and delete financial transactions in the Transaction Manager as well as related subentities?
The frontend business role SAP_BR_CASH_MANAGER provides an example on how you could group cash management related tiles into catalogs and groups
Which type of transactions are mapped for most of the product categories before the key date?
When entering raw exposures?
Where the system calculates a premium for the transactions and saves this only as a current market value?
Which of the setting available is hedge strategy 500 with calculation type 201 Interest Rate Instrument: Benchmark without Accrued Interest?
Why must you assign special accounts (clearing and substitution accounts) for the initial load during customizing? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
Which of the management cockpit gives you an overview of your current net open exposures, so you can take your hedging decisions?
Which of the rule specifies how the hedged item and the hedging transaction are valuated before designation, during designation, during the term, and during designation of the hedging relationship?
What are the available account revision options when you configure the bank account revision process?
You are implementing the Memo Record function. Which memo record characteristics are controlled by the planning type? 3
What is used only for selected monetary assets and liabilities since the changes in value of the hedging instrument and the underlying transaction have usually already been recognized in profit and loss ?
161. Which of the following market data types can you import into the system?
Which tool do you use to integrate data from Treasury and Risk Management to One Exposure from Operations Hub?
During which of the phase of the initial load it is sometimes necessary to reset the data transferred by the initial load?
Where you define interest conditions for reference interest rates?
Which documents originate from asset postings in the source system are not posted to Fixed Asset Accounting (Fl-AA) in the Central Finance system?
Which of the key figures are calculated for the hedging instrument and for the hypothetical derivative?
What are used during the extraction and posting of data in the initial load of FI/CO postings, which is carried out via Customizing of Central Finance.?
You need to separate security positions by valuation area, special valuation class, and securities account. Which customizing activity do you perform? 1
You are implementing the new Foreign Exchange (FX) Hedge Management and Hedge Accounting. You define a hedging profile, which is used for the configuration of the hedging are a. What can you specify in the hedging profile? 2
Which of the areas is the basic master data in the hedge management cockpit?
Which of the program first checks whether the flows and sub raw exposures can be archived?
Which of the apps reference library has details about the content necessary for giving users access to an app on the SAP Fiori launchpad?
Which of the code column appears in the payment details for a transaction and in the standing instructions?
What is determined on the basis of past data for the price parameter?
You customize the Define Search String for Electronic Bank Statement node. What do you enter into the target field?
Where you determine how the system fills the financial object properties from the data fields of the exposure positions?
When the asset information is deleted from asset-related fields of the Fl documents, for example from the fields ANLN1 and ALN2?
You are configuring Exposure Management 2.0 which is used with Hedge Management. What can you achieve with the exposure activity type? 2
What is created with the hedging relationship on the end date of the exposure subitem?
Which of the following are back office tasks for an interest rate instrument?
What must you specify when you configure payment methods? 2
You are preparing scenarios in Market Risk Analyzer for testing purposes. Which market data can you use to create scenarios? 2
Where you can specify whether auto matching needs to be performed for a given risk type?
You are implementing Market Risk Analyzer and need to enable specific valuations by product types. What must you define?
Which type of transactions are concluded with business partner within the transaction manager?
44. Which of the values are derived from the exposure position data in Exposure Management 2.0 ?
Which of the sheet recognition date is the date on which a receivable or payable is posted to the balance sheet ?
133. You implement Hedge Management and Hedge Accounting. How do you explain the hypothetical derivative?
Where do you activate the Trading Platform Integration?
Which type of documents requires specific configuration in the Central Finance system?
Which of the analyzer offers extensive position evaluations, such as mark-to-market valuations of financial transactions?
Which roles are associated with the Bank Account Review process? 2
Which of the following are components of a format tree? 3
Which of the manager is responsible for managing all the company’s treasury activities?
what are the three different SAP FIORI App types below mentioned?
All asset accounts for APC and accumulated depreciation must either be set up as a non reconciliation balance sheet account or mapped to a non reconciliation balance sheet account?
The G/L accounts to which acquisition and production costs (APC) are posted, as well as the G/L accounts for the cumulated depreciation, are defined as reconciliation accounts for fixed assets?
What can be used to split the valuation results determined into effective and ineffective portions?
What is earned from the investment of these funds represents a secure and long-term financial source?
Which of the currencies are the currencies that are relevant for hedging in the hedging area?
Which of the items are necessary for the Hedge Accounting process. During the automated designation process the hedged exposure item is identified automatically and the corresponding exposure subitems are created and assigned to the hedged items?
How does SAP define Liquidity Management?
Which of the classification is relevant for the Hedge Management and Accounting for Net Open Exposures (FX Risk) process?
Which of the directory must contain master data on all the banks that you require for payment transactions with your business partners?
For which data do you define liquidity item derivation rules of type origin X?
Which main components does the TRM solution consists of as below?
Which of the management uses the traded currency for FX forward transactions (FX forwards) and OTC options?
Which pricing types are supported when you create a new bank fee condition? 3
You implement Market Risk Analyzer and work on the financial object integration. Which setting do you choose to ensure a Transaction Manager contract is saved with the mandatory Market Risk Analyzer data?
For which money market trade types are fast entry tiles available? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question
Which objects can you use to assign payment approval patterns in customizing?
Which of the component is used to calculate the hedging reserve?
Which setting in the Assign External Transaction Types to Posting Rules folder do you use?
Which of the following comparisons are available for liquidity analysis? 2
Which of the following One Exposure fields should you populate as part of the initialization? 3
Which of the manager provides the instruments for processing the related financial transactions, from deal capture through to transferring the relevant data to Financial Accounting?
What is designed to provide the answers regarding the economic success of investments ?
Which of the rule specifies how the hedged item and the hedging instruments are valuated before designation?
Is SAP S4 HANA can be deployed on which of below edition
You are capturing the settings for new limit types in Credit Risk Analyzer. What do you define using the Define Limit Types configuration activity? 2
You implement Market Risk Analyzer. What can you achieve when you use the results database?
Which logic is not active in the productive source system, the raw posting information does not get captured and is also not included in a copy of the system?
You configure Credit Risk Analyzer. What must you do to activate the Single Transaction Check.
Which of the types are derived from the exposure types, and the respective business activity types are determined from the exposure activity types ?

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