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C_TERP10_67 Business Foundation Integration with SAP


Questions C_TERP10_67 Business Foundation Integration with SAP

Which of the following are true when the billing document is posted? (Choose two.)
In what step of the purchase-to-pay process is a purchase requisition generated?
In physical inventory management, the list of differences contains information on each from the following items. (Choose four.)
In SAP ERP Program and Project Management, operative indicators define the characteristics of a work breakdown structure (WBS) element, and also what tasks will be performed by the WBS element when the project is being executed. Which of the following are WBS element operative indicators? (Choose three.)
A billing document is created in sales order processing. What integration with business processes occurs when the billing document is saved? (Choose two.)
What are examples of characteristics in SAP Business Warehouse? (Choose two.)
Which of the following are true in a basic one-step stock transfer within a plant? (Choose two.)
In which of the following can goods receipt into stock in quality inspection be preplanned? (Choose two.)
The Operative Indicator, Account Assignment Element is used when you want to plan costs for WBS elements.
A purchasing group________. (Choose three.)
How would you describe stock transfers and transfer postings in Inventory Management? (Choose two.)
Which of the following does the credit management master record consist of? (Choose three.)
Your organization is implementing SAP ERP Material Planning. Your team is creating bills of material (BOM). You explain to your team that the bill of material contains the assemblies or components which are to be included in the production of a material. Which of the following correctly describe the features of bills of material? (Choose two.)
According to the sales area, the system accesses various master data during the processing of sales and distribution documents. Identify 2 access data from the following. (Choose two.)
What is the highest organizational unit in Sales Order management?
You are explaining to a colleague that Human Capital Management, in SAP ERP, stores an employee’s data in info type records. Which statements correctly describe the features of info types? (Choose three.)
When should one create an equipment master record for a technical object? Identify from the following options. (Choose two.)
What does Management Accounting provide? (Choose two.)
What are all the elements responsible for the enterprise structure for personnel administration? Identify from the following. (Choose three.)
What do you have to consider when creating chart of accounts in financial accounting? (Choose three.)
What are all the options offers by SAP Net Weaver BW for data storage. Identify from the following options. (Choose two.)
Which of the following options are included in the condition master data? (Choose four.)
Which of the following are examples of employee time data? (Choose four.)
The data in the vendor master record is subdivided in to the categories. Identify from the following options. (Choose three.)
You are reviewing the personnel structure in SAP ERP Human Capital Management. Which element of the personnel structure defines different payroll procedures, such as hourly versus salaried?
Which SAP ERP reporting solution enables the analysis of data from operative SAP applications, as well as other business applications and external data sources, such as databases, online services, and the Internet?
Which of the following does order settlement do in Cost Object Controlling (COC)?
Which of the following can a Stock transport order allow for? (Choose three.)
Posting keys are used to tell the system the following information. (Choose four.)
The component ‘Treasury” (TR) focuses on functions. Identify these functions from the following. (Choose two.)
SAP will ensure some benefits and advantages to SAP NetWeaver. What are these advantages? (Choose two.)
To which of the following objects does Document Info Records allow documents to be linked? (Choose five.)
SAP ERP offers additional capabilities compared with SAP R/3 Enterprise, making SAP ERP the state-of-the- art ERP solution. Which of the following SAP ERP capabilities was also available on earlier releases like SAP R/3 Enterprise?
Picking has integration with the following option:
Which of the following are demand elements within a MRP net requirements calculation? (Choose three.)
Which of the following are used within the FI General Ledger? (Choose three.)
Various functions are available when performing standard analyses. Identify these functions from the following. (Choose three.)
Which of the following do you use to view original document in the Product Structure Browser?
The first step in material planning is __________ .
Which of the following do master data for manufacturing consist of? (Choose four.)
Which of the following are field statuses for Account Groups? (Choose three.)
Which of the following are true? (Choose three.)
Your organization is using SAP ERP Manufacturing Execution. You are explaining the master data that supports the Manufacturing Execution process. What is the purpose of a routing?
A customer Service order is created in SAP ERP Customer Service. External operations for services are created for this order. What document is created when this customer service order is saved or released?
Which part of the sales document structure determines whether quantities can be delivered in the several partial deliveries at different times?
What are three different cost planning levels that are available for planning internal order? (Choose three.)
Which of the following are true for stock transfers between two company codes? (Choose three.)
Logistic invoice verification, in SAP ERP, is the process whereby a vendor’s invoice is compared to the goods receipt document and the purchase order. What business integration processes, within SAP ERP, occurs with the completion of logistic invoice verification? (Choose three.)
In Logistics Execution, you can start the process for only a Goods Receipt with an inventory posting or with the creation of a delivery.
To which receivers can you settle an internal order? (Choose three.)
Your organization uses the manufacturing business process. You are reviewing a production order and notice that no labor time has been recorded in the production order. Which manufacturing business process step has NOT been completed?
What are all the essentials for Transactional Type, necessary for asset accounting and listed specifically? (Choose three.)
You can generate training proposals for employees if Personnel Development is integrated with the following:
BOMs are used in_______. (Choose three.)
In which ways can you display expected costs in PM? (Choose two.)
Which of the following are Account Assignment categories for consumable materials? (Choose five.)
The job ticket is printed before the release of the maintenance order
Which of the following views include Equipment Master records? (Choose two.)
You are designing a query in SAP Business Intelligence. You want to be able to drill down by the characteristics product and product line when you are viewing the query results. To which subarea would you drag and drop these characteristics in the Query Designer?
Sales orders consume independent requirements in material planning. In which of the following can the consumption mode and consumption periods be set? (Choose two.)
How can you make group together changes for different SAP ERP objects that are affected by one change?
How can you assign organizational levels in SAP Warehouse Management?
List down the functions that are activated or deactivated directly or indirectly through the roles and sales document type. (Choose two.)
Business Area is a new entity in the standard data structure in the New GL
Identify two factors from the following which is responsible for reporting and analysis functions in purchasing. (Choose two.)
Goods issue transactions posted in SAP ERP Materials Management can be assigned to a CO object. This type of transaction is called material consumption. Which Management Accounting master data is used to record the consumption posting when a goods issue is entered?
A business segment represents three important activities which helps in distinguishes between business and geographical segments. What are they? (Choose three.)
Which Sales Order Management business process transaction, in SAP ERP, creates a financial accounting document?
What is the role of system when an invoice is created with purchase order reference?
Which of the following are part of the Shipping step in Sales order processing? (Choose four.)
Which SAP ERP HCM transaction is used to process a single info type for multiple personnel numbers simultaneously?
Cycle is a closed sequence of relationships and activities (closed means that when you start out from one activity you end up with same activity). Where can you perform Cycle analysis function?
What you don’t need to consider when creating chart of accounts in financial accounting?
In the case of a transport order, the process can be monitored using the PO history.
List down the types of conditions involved in purchasing process. (Choose three.)
Which of the following describe data and transactions in the SAP system? (Choose two.)
Which of the following does the Change Number structure include in Engineering Change Management? (Choose three.)
How can you assign organizational levels in the order-to-cash business process? (Choose three.)

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