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C_TPLM30_67 SAP Maintenance & Repair with ERP 6.0 EHP7


Questions C_TPLM30_67 SAP Maintenance & Repair with ERP 6.0 EHP7

You customize an order type to release orders immediately upon creation, and you assign the order type to a maintenance item. How can a user override the automatic release of the order without creating a new order type?
What is the definition of a Data Source?
Your customer wants to establish a maintenance work center with various activity types, each with a different fixed price. How do you accomplish this?
What are the prerequisites for installing equipment at a functional location? (Choose two.)
For what maintenance manager is responsible?
In which lifecycle scenarios can you use SAP Solution Manager? (Choose three.)
Your customer wants to create a component for maintenance that does not allow physical inventory. Which material type must you use?
You want to set up an external refurbishment process through subcontracting, using material requirements planning (MRP)? Which of the following must you set in the system?
Which of the following combinations must you use to create a single-cycle maintenance plan for an external service?
What is the purpose of the usage list for equipment history? (Choose two.)
Which account assignment category can you specify in a settlement profile?
Which rule applies to user status in orders and notifications?
Factory calendars are assigned to the maintenance plant and work center. By default, which factory calendar is used for work order scheduling?
You use the F4 key to_______________:
What are the three types of Order? (Choose three.)
The following entries are possible in the command field (Choose five.):
What are the elements display on SAP screen? (Choose two.)
All maintenance plans in your systems are scheduled automatically via deadline monitoring. What happens when you set a manual call?
Your customer wants to utilize estimated costs in Plant Maintenance orders. Which condition does the customer need to be aware of?
Your customer wants to subdivide the maintenance organization by production responsibility. What do you use to designate the contact person for coordination between production and plant maintenance?
What do you need to select when you create a maintenance plan that only generates notification(s)?
Your customer wants to generate costing for internal activities. For which of the following can you define various rates in Activity Type/Price Planning transaction? (Choose three.)
Your customer has several plants. How do you set up the maintenance organizational structure to implement centralized maintenance planning?
Which of the following rules applies to user status in orders and notifications?
Which of the following control characters is available in the edit mask of the structure indicator?
A user has planned an operation with labor costs and material costs; however, the material cost element is not assigned to a value category. Where do the material costs appear in the value categories for the order?
4 When a user creates a task list using the Copy function, all the header fields transfer to the new task list, with one exception. Which field is the exception?
How many types of catalog are there?
For which business requirements must you use serial numbers? (Choose two.)
You have selected Confirmation Required in the control key for operations in a maintenance order. One of the operations is already partially confirmed. Which system statuses can the order header display before all operations are finally confirmed? (Choose three.)
Which of the following components is included in SAP Solution Manager?
Which of the following always produces up-to-the-minute costing information for maintenance orders?
For which purpose do you use the sequence number in a cycle set?
What are the two options available for archiving order? (Choose two.)
Which of the following information can the shift report display? (Choose three.)
What does the scheduling period determine in the maintenance plan scheduling parameters?
Which object do you use to assign number ranges for maintenance plans in Customizing?
In order type Customizing, you can set the default for when the purchase requisition is created to immediately, from release, or never. For which combination must you set the default?
Your customer executes deadline monitoring (transaction IP30). What happens after you insert additional call dates using the manual call function?
Which of the following are maintenance work center functions? (Choose three.)
What are two reasons of the maintenance Bill of Material? (Choose two.)
Which of the following steps must you perform to customize priorities for a maintenance order?
What does the cycle set sequence in a multiple-counter maintenance plan determine?
How the settlement rule for suborder is to be determine in the Customizing setting for order type?
Which of the following steps are required to create a measuring point for performance-based preventive maintenance? (Choose two.)
Identify the objects that are linked to the address management
2 What does the functional location category determine? (Choose two.)
In a refurbishment order for external processing, where can you find information about the defective part after the goods issue has been posted?
Your customer wants to settle costs of the refurbishment process to an inventory account. What Customizing does the process require? (Choose two.)
What happens when you set the system status in a maintenance order to technically completed (TECO)? (Choose two.)
Your customer wants to subdivide the maintenance organization by production responsibility. What do you use to designate the contact person for coordination between production and plant maintenance?
Identify the resource that enables you to represent the wear and tear of an object.
What is the info cube dimensions?
In order costing, what is the allocation structure used for?
Which statements apply to a client in an SAP system? (Choose two.)
What do you mean by the term PMIS?
What does the structure indicator for a functional location determine? (Choose three.)
Which is not the phase of corrective Maintenance?
What does the maintenance plan category determine?
What are the three organizational levels? (Choose three.)
Find out the elements responsible for performance management. (Choose three.)

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