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C_TS452_1909 SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement


Questions C_TS452_1909 SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement

Which organizational assignment is mandatory for external procurement?
You are posting a goods receipt without a corresponding purchase order (PO) in the system. Which of the following are prerequisites for automatic generation of the PO at the time of goods receipt? (Choose two.)
Which of the following tasks does the system perform during reorder point planning? (Choose three.)
What controls which item categories you are allowed to use when creating new items in a purchasing document?
What can you control with a document type in purchasing? (Choose three.)
In your company, invoice verification clerks post a cash discount amount using the posting net method. How do they trigger the posting method?
When using a classic release procedure, for which of the following documents must you use classification? (Choose two.)
Your company uses the classic release procedure for purchasing documents. For which configuration object must approvers have the appropriate authorization?
You have several valid purchasing info records for one specific material available in your system. Which info record will the system assign when you manually create a purchase requisition?
Which of the following business partner roles are required to execute a procurement process? (Choose two.)
Which of the following are prerequisites for flexible workflows for purchase order approval? (Choose three.)
Which of the following occurs when you park a supplier invoice related to a purchase order? (Choose two.)
You are entering a supplier invoice for a purchase order that has been delivered. What information can you use as a reference to post the invoice? (Choose three.)
Your purchasing department works with purchasing info records. You create a purchase order. Which logic does the system use to propose a valid price that is stored in the info record? (Choose two.)
In the standard system, a controllable system message is shown when a user creates a purchase order with a delivery date in the past. What must you configure to allow such purchase orders to only be issued by authorized users?
You want to implement split valuation functionality. What must you do? (Choose two.)
You procure some materials exclusively by consignment. You want material requirements planning (MRP) to create consignment purchase requisitions assigned to a vendor, instead of normal purchase requisitions for these materials. What must you do for each of these materials? (Choose two.)
You have several company codes and plants in your project. You are setting the plant as valuation area. How can you minimize the effort involved in account determination?
At which of the following organizational levels must you maintain a business partner master record for a supplier? (Choose three.)
You are creating a purchase order for procurement of a material. Which of the following fields should you use to control the procurement process?
Your project uses product costing and production planning functionality. Which valuation area must be used?
What information can the analytical Purchasing Group Activity SAP Fiori app provide? (Choose two.)
0 In your company, the invoice verification clerks are working with the Release Blocked Invoices app. For which kind of blocked invoices can they use the automatic release function?
Your purchasing department wants to monitor overdue purchase orders. What are the prerequisites for issuing delivery reminders for a purchase order? (Choose three.)
Goods from a supplier arrive at your warehouse. However, you do NOT want these goods to be part of your inventory yet. What is the procedure for recording the conditional goods receipt (GR)?
What are some key features of the goods-receipt-based (GR-based) invoice verification? (Choose three.)
In your project, pricing conditions in purchase orders should only be visible to certain users. What must you configure and assign?
Which of the following activities is a prerequisite to enable partner roles determination in purchasing documents?
How can you personalize the Procurement Overview app? (Choose three.)
With which field do you control the creation of a scheduling agreement with release documentation?
You would like to create purchasing info records for consumable materials without material master records. How must you proceed?
Which of the following are possible personalization’s of the SAP Fiori launchpad? (Choose two.)
For which of the following scenarios could you implement a stock determination strategy for a material in inventory management? (Choose three.)
How does SAP Fiori achieve the role-based design principle? (Choose two.)
Your company will procure finished goods from a supplier. The supplier will manufacture the product using components shipped from your company. Which process would you use for this scenario?
A supplier delivers material to your warehouse: however, you are only obliged to pay the supplier once you have withdrawn the stock. Which procurement process would you implement for this purpose?
In your project, you need to make sure that consignment purchase orders utilize a different number range than other purchase orders. What must you do?
Your purchasing organization has entered into a contractual agreement with a supplier to purchase 10000 units of a particular material. You have stored this agreement as a quantity contract. How can you prevent a release order in excess of the target quantity?
You intend to procure low-value material over a period of time up to a specific amount. What type of purchasing document is best suited for this purpose?
You have to post scrap expenses to a special account. Based on which characteristics can you influence the behavior of the account determination? (Choose two.)
Which of the following prerequisites must be met for the system to check the shelf life of materials at goods receipt? (Choose three.)
You want to collectively convert assigned purchase requisitions into purchase orders. What functions can you use? (Choose three.)
Which of the following actions can an end user perform with filtered report results in an SAP Fiori app? (Choose three.)
You have ordered a stock material that is valuated with a standard price. The price in the purchase order (PO) is higher than the standard price of the material. Which accounts are updated at goods receipt? (Choose three.)
Which of the following are features of the Delivery Completed indicator in a purchase order (PO) item? (Choose two.)
In which of the following business transactions will you get an error message if you have NOT set up automatic account determination? (Choose three.)
At what level do you maintain the purchasing group in the material master?
What are some key features of the SAP Smart Business key performance indicators (KPIs) tiles used for purchasing analytics? (Choose two.)
You want to prevent a specific material from being ordered from a specific vendor. What must you do?
Which SAP Fiori design principle has the goal of having one user, one use case, and up to three screens for each application?
An incoming invoice shows a variance when compared to the expected quantity or amount. How can you create this invoice? (Choose two.)
Your purchasing department is working with scheduling agreements. What can you do using release creation profiles? (Choose three.)
Your company uses the classic release procedure for purchase orders. Which of the following activities can you perform when you release a purchase order? (Choose two.)
How can you differentiate stock quantities within a plant in inventory management?
You regularly purchase non-stock materials. What must you set up to allow the system to automatically propose specific accounts?
What do you need to do if you want MRP Live to create planned orders for externally procured materials?
Your project requires an individual purchasing organization for each plant in your company code. What should you take into consideration when setting up such an organizational structure? (Choose two.)
What are some functions supported by the Create Supplier Invoice SAP Fiori app? (Choose three.)
What can you control with the confirmation control key? (Choose two.)
Which of the following elements can be generated by material requirements planning (MRP)? (Choose three.)
You test the various options that SAP S/4HANA offers for stock transfers between two different plants within the same company code. Which special features do stock transport orders have? (Choose two.)
You are creating a blanket purchase order using item category B. Which tab becomes visible on the purchase order in this process?
You want to use automatic conversion of purchase requisitions into purchase orders for some raw materials. What are the prerequisites? (Choose three.)
Which of the following parameters should you consider when calculating the reorder point for a material? (Choose three.)
You are receiving deliveries for a valuated material. Which documents are created when you post a goods receipt? (Choose two.)
In which situation can you have open items in the GR/IR clearing account?
You want to set up an account determination that groups several material types on the same accounts. What must you do?
What is the effect of setting the Freeze Bock Inventory indicator in a physical inventory document header?
Your MRP planning run detects a shortage of 2000 pieces of a certain material for which a quota arrangement is active. Each of your two vendors can supply only 1000 pieces at once. What must you maintain to get a procurement proposal for 1000 pieces for each supplier? (Choose two.)
Which lot-sizing procedures are suitable for reorder point planning? (Choose three.)
You want to procure material from another plant What purchasing instrument would you use?
Certain materials for external procurement are NO longer valid. What mechanism can you use to prevent the purchase of those materials?
How does the system derive the company code when you post a goods movement in a plant?
In a multinational corporation there could be several company codes with several purchasing organizations. How can you minimize the effort for price condition maintenance within such a group?
You send newly created purchase orders to a supplier via email, whereas quantity or price changes are to be transmitted by fax. What prerequisites must be met? (Choose three.)
What are some available SAP Smart Business key performance indicators (KPIs) for contracts? (Choose three.)
You want to manually post an initial entry of stock for a material in SAP S/4HANA. You should be able to enter both a quantity and an amount. How do you proceed? (Choose two.)
8 Supplier A should automatically be proposed as primary source for a specific material. What options do you have? (Choose two.)
Which options are available for the automatic posting of unplanned delivery costs when creating an invoice with purchase order reference? (Choose two.)
What are some options when working with scheduling agreements? (Choose three.)

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