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C_TSCM62_67 Sales and Distribution erp 60 ehp7


Questions C_TSCM62_67 Sales and Distribution erp 60 ehp7

For which logistics execution activity can you use output type WMTA to execute automatic processing?
Which of the following statements regarding quantity contracts is correct? Please choose the correct answer
What are characteristics of the make-to-order process with Assembly Processing? (Choose two.)
Which of the following is a prerequisite to ensure the explosion of a bill of material in the sales document?
You are asked to enter special shipping costs in delivery documents, which will then be charged to the customer on the invoice. What must be done to fulfill this request? (Choose two)
Where can you set the delivery relevance? (Choose two.)
What is controlled by the item category of a sales document item? (Choose three)
A sales order is to be delivered with a material and quantity using TAN. What configuration settings are necessary? (Choose two)
Which elements determine a shipping point automatically? (Choose three.)
What settings are mandatory when implementing a packing process based on the delivery? (Choose two)
What are the properties of an item category in a general value contract? (Choose two.)
What can you determine for the picking process at delivery type level?
Which control settings are required for a Bill of Material scenario? (Choose two.)
What do you have to set in a valid condition record to block its use on a sales order?
Where is the pricing of a Bill of Material item controlled?
In a sales order, which parameter can be used for the route determination?
Which time elements are included in backward scheduling for a sales order? (Choose two.)
Which of the following sequences describe a part of a sales process? (Choose two.)
Which packing option can be configured for a delivery item category?
Which document flows describe possible standard sales processes? (Choose two)
When the delivery document is created, the system can perform checks at item level to ensure compliance with the business requirements. Which elements can be checked by the system? (Choose three)
Which procedure can you assign to a schedule line category?
Which criteria are used to set up the schedule line category determination? (Choose two.)
What are optional steps in the Sales and Distribution process for selling a material from stock using a sales order? (Choose three.)
Your company wants to set up a freight surcharge with scale based on a total weight of all items in a sales order. How do you set up this requirement?
You save a billing document for an invoice What happens? (Choose two.)
Which activity can be completed within a shipping process? (Choose three.)
For which condition types can you maintain a condition master record for pricing? (Choose two.)
You want to combine items from different sales orders into one delivery document. Which common characteristics are required? (Choose two.)
What steps are included in the cash sales process? (Choose three)
Which partner function determines the shipping condition in a sales order?
What are requirements for customer consignment processing? (Choose two.)
Which of the following is a prerequisite for using billing plans with down payments in an integrated SD-FI process?
What do you have to consider when you assign sales organizations to company codes during the configuration of SD and FI? (Choose two)
Which of the following organizational unit assignments are possible in the order-to-cash business process? (Choose two.)
Which one of the following pricing element controls the pricing so that customer specific price is selected rather than the general material price to be used during automatic price determination in a sales document? Please choose the correct answer.
Which controls are available in the delivery item category? (Choose three.)
Which of the following settings apply to inquiries and quotes? (Choose two.)
In a sales order, the schedule line category CP was found. The sales document item contains the following information: The MRP type from the material master is M0 and the relevant item category is TAN. The assignment table for schedule line categories has no entry for the combination of TAN and M0. How was the schedule line category determined in this case?
Which of the following functions can you use to display an overview of customer-specific prices for various customers on one screen?
From which of the following master records does the system determine the delivering plant? (Choose three.)
Your company has two valid condition types for freight. You need to ensure that only the best condition type for freight is charged at any time. What do you have to set up to fulfill this requirement?
Your company decided to change the price of a material and wants to keep a pricing history. How can you update the condition records?
What does the structure of Lean WM consist of? (Choose two.)
What does the Schedule Line configuration control? (Choose three.)
What is the difference between the SAP sales documents “Delivery Free-of-Charge” and “Subsequent Delivery Free-of-Charge”?
Where do you assign a contract profile?
Which activities can you carry out within the List of Sales Orders (transaction VA05) standard report? (Choose two.)
Your customer wants to use warehouse transfer orders for picking when processing a delivery using lean warehouse management. How do you achieve this? (Choose two)
At which organizational level can the material master be maintained for the Sales: Sales Org. Data 1 and Sales: Sales Org. Data 2 views?
In a sales order, which parameter can be used for the route determination? Please choose the correct answer
Where do you maintain indicators to activate the rebate processing? (Choose three.)
What is used to make rebate conditions only active in billing documents?
What can you identify in the customer material information record? (Choose three.)
What is the characteristic of an access sequence?
Which organizational unit can be used to separate stock within a plant?
You want to extend the material master record to another sales organization and distribution channel. Which activity do you have to perform to achieve this?
Where is the pricing of a Bill of Material item controlled
You are requested to set the system in such a way that it can automatically search for available quotations for customers when sales order items are entered. What do you have to do to make this happen?
How do the sales document types “rush order” and “cash sales” differ? (Choose two)
Which properties does the condition type in the condition master record control? (Choose two.)
What can be identified as the most likely reason for a delivery split in a collective delivery run?
Which field is different between a Delivery Free of Charge (FD) and a Subsequent Delivery Free of Charge (SDF)?
What are characteristic of the cash sales process? (Choose two.)
What are the sources of the time components that are used for the delivery and transportation scheduling? (Choose two.)
Your company wants to have the same master data for all customers regardless of the distribution channel and the division. Which functionality do you use?
Business area can be determined in sales through… There are 3 correct answers to this question.
Which of the following statements regarding the bills of material (BOM) in the sales order are correct? (Choose two)
Which organizational elements are mandatory for the order-to-cash process? (Choose two.)
What is the purpose of the Lean WM in the SD order-to-cash process?
In which of the following circumstances can function be controlled by the item category? There are 3 correct answers to this question.
What does the account group control when you create a new customer master record? (Choose three.)
Which of the following two statements are correct? There are 2 correct answers to this question.
What do you need to configure for a quantity contract?
What is maintained in a pricing procedure? (Choose two.)
Which of the following settings can you configure in the sales document type? (Choose three.)
Which statement about consignment fill-up is correct? Please choose the correct answer
What is used to determine a pricing procedure? (Choose three.)

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