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Questions E_HANAAW_17 ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0

Which of the following features the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP Code Inspector does NOT offer? (Choose two.)

Which of the following takes advantage of the computing power of multiple CPUs used by SAP HANA?
In ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) view, what must you do to expose an association for use in another CDS view?
You are programming a report that reads data form a secondary HANA database (DB). What do you need to consider in your SQL statement? (Choose two.)
You have created a CDS view and used alias names for some of its elements. In which of the following cases is the alias name mandatory? (Choose three.)
Given that table sflight also contains the field planetype, how must you address the fields carrid and planetype from table SFLIGHT?
You import an ABAP workbench request into an SAP system P81. The ABAP workbench request contains a single SAP HANA view CA_CUSTOMER that belongs to SAP HANA content package ZHA400_00. Which prerequisites are mandatory for an implicit deployment of the SAP HANA view into the database? (Choose two.)
Which functional problem can you detect when using the Runtime Check Monitor (SRTCM)?
User STUDENT_A creates and activates a design-time object. In which schema is the runtime object generated?
You are debugging in ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse. What feature are available? (Choose two.)
How many result sets are returned when an SAP HANA database procedure is called the CALL…WITH OVERVIEW statement?
You use ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) to issue native SQL calls to the database. Which method of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieves the entire result set of the native SQL call?
Which rules does SAP recommend to improve the performance of ABAP reports on SAP HANA? (Choose two.)
Which step of the Guided Performance Analysis should you perform in the production system?
You are using a calculated column COUNTS within your Dimension Calculation View and an aggregation node. This is data that goes into the aggregation node: Country AT – City Vienna – Counts – 11 Country AT – City Vienna – Counts – 15 Country DE – City Berlin – Counts – 13 Country DE – City Berlin – Counts – 13 What does the result of the aggregation look like?
What are some of the features available for SAP List Viewer with Integrated Data Access (ALV IDA)? (Choose three.)
Which of the following features were added to the ABAP dictionary to support the SAP HANA database? (Choose three.)
Which task does the ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) framework perform?
Which tools can you use to provide input data for the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist (transaction SWLT)? (Choose three.)
You define and implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP). What do you have to list after the USING clause? (Choose three.)
What is the purpose of an ABAP project in ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse? (Choose two.)
You created and activated a database procedure. From where can you call this procedure? (Choose two.)
Your development team needs to include SAP HANA objects into an ABAP workbench request. You want to use SAP HANA Transport for ABAP (HTA), and NOT the SAP HANA Transport Container (HTC). Why would you choose HTA? (Choose two.)
Which of the following tools and programming techniques use the SQL Data Definition Language? (Choose two.)
You want to move some of the logic of an ABAP program into an ABAP-managed database procedure (AMDP). To do so, you need to translate Open SQL statements into SAP HANA Native SQL. Which of the following are necessary adjustments? (Choose three.)
Why would you implement Smart Data Access (SDA)?
When using an SAP HANA full text search, what do you have to keep in mind?
In SAP HANA SQL, you want to create a table whose definition should NOT be visible in the catalog. Which of the following table types fulfill this requirement?
Which of the Golden Rules for Open SQL Performance have become more important with SAP HANA? (Choose two.)
You implement an ABAP-managed database procedure (AMDP). Within this AMDP, you want to query data from calculation view CA_BOOKINGS_COUNT in SAP HANA content package ha400.primdb. How can you address the calculation view? (Choose two.)
You developed an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP). You want to allow the enhancement of this AMDP using a Business Add-In (BAdl). Which of the following objects must you create? (Choose three.)
What benefits does SAP HANA Data Compression provide? (Choose two.)
You want to execute a native SQL statement in your program. Why should you use ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC)? (Choose two.)
What must you take into consideration when you use the new Open SQL syntax (available as of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP05)? (Choose two.)
In a graphical calculation view, you want to implement a union between two result sets that differ only in the fact that one of the two has one additional field named ADDRESS. How can you achieve this in a union node? (Choose two.)
You define a Core Data Services (CDS) view to merge the results of queries using the UNION keyword. What must the column lists of these queries contain? (Choose two.)
Which of the following repository objects can you edit only in ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse, and NOT in the classical ABAP Workbench? (Choose three.)
You are using ABAP Development Tools, and you have placed your cursor on a method name in a class. What key do you use to navigate between a method definition and its implementation?
Which task can you perform with the SQL Monitor (transaction SQLM)?
You analyze SQL Monitor data in transaction SQLMD. You know that program X accesses database table Y. You made sure that program X was executed while the SQL Monitor collected its data. But the relevant database access is NOT listed in SQLMD. What could be the reason? (Choose three.)

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