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Questions P_C4HCD_1905 SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 Developer

What are AddOns specifically designed to allow an SAP Commerce developer to do? (Choose two.)
What are the advantages of using keyword redirection within Search and Navigation? (Choose two.)
Which order-splitting strategies are provided in the basecommerce extension? (Choose three.)
You have these example item types defined in myext-items.xml: What additional steps are needed to support the identification attribute?
After initializing the platform and creating some items for a ComposedType, you change its deployment table. How can you update the database, keeping all the data?
What must you always specify when you are creating a new Adaptive Search Profile? (Choose three.)
What are best practices when using models? (Choose two.)
Your solution has been live for a significant period of time and you now need to update project data across multiple environments. What is the recommended approach for updating the project data?
How are relationships modeled in the database? (Choose three.)
What causes item data to be evicted from the SAP Commerce Cloud entity cache? (Choose two.)
How is the primary key (PK) for an SAP Commerce Cloud item created? (Choose two.)
How can you define a new event? (Choose two.)
Which of the following are best practices for adding a new parameter to an existing method of CommerceCartService? (Choose two.)
Your system contains a search restriction with the following parameters: Type: Product User: anonymous Restriction: 1=0 There is a product “Candle” in the online catalog and a variant product “PinkCandle” in the online catalog. The system renders the Product Detail Page for Pink Candle using the following flexible search query: “SELECT {pk} FROM {VariantProduct} WHERE {code}=”PinkCandle”. What happens next?
You have created your products and price rows using the approach displayed in the following ImpEx file: $catalog-id=Default $catalog-version=Staged $catalogversion=catalogversion(catalog(id),version)[unique=true,default=$catalog-id:$catalog-version] INSERT_UPDATE Product;code[unique=true];$catalogversion;name[lang=en];unit(code);approvalStatus(code); ;product1;;product1;pieces;approved; ;product2;;product2;pieces;approved; #in total 1000 product data lines INSERT_UPDATE PriceRow;productId[unique
When you define an aspect in your manifest.json file, what types of information should you provide? (Choose two.)
Which of the following is a mechanism used by WCMS to position components on a page?
Which of the following steps could be included in the process of installing an AddOn? (Choose three.)
You are asked to define a new business process. What steps do you perform? (Choose three.)
What Solr index operation uses the indexedProperties field on the SolrExtIndexerCronJob?
Which of the following configurations can be done to a ContentSlot? (Choose three.)
Which actions can be performed by the Customer Support Agent (CSA) from within the Customer Support Backoffice? (Choose two.)
What are the advantages of using classification attributes? (Choose two.)
What type of class should you implement when you need to change the trigger for recalculating the user experience results?
To install and configure the Solr server in cloud mode, which sequence of steps should you use?
When are consignments created for an order?
What is the effect of the redeclare attribute within an itemtype definition?
What do you set up to create visibility rules for specific product items for a user group?
During development, how do you ensure that the modified resources of an installed addon get copied into the storefront? (Choose two.)
How can CronJobs be started? (Choose three.)
How do you include new sample data in your Accelerator project using ImpEx?
You are implementing two new independent extensions, extension A and extension B, that each extend and overwrite a bean of the core platform. How can you make sure the bean from extension B takes precedence over the one from extension A? (Choose two.)
What attributes can you set for a SearchRestriction? (Choose two.)
You have generated a new extension based on the ywebservices template. You have enabled server-side caching. How would you annotate your method to take advantage of caching?
You are updating a price row for a particular product using the Backoffice Product Cockpit. When you visit the category page containing the specific product, you discover that its new price value is NOT properly displayed. How can you fix this issue? (Choose two.)
In an Accelerator project, you need to customize a product details page to remove some information. Which change should you also make in the facade layer?
Which file formats are supported for file processing by cloud hot folders? (Choose three.)
When a customer places an order using the default order management system, at which of the following stages does the fulfillment process send the notification that the order has been placed?
You need to create a CronJob for an automated task that will be performed every day at midnight. Which steps would you follow? (Choose three.)
Where are enumerations stored? (Choose two.)
To connect two widgets with a widget connection, which of the following conditions must be met?
To define the data that gets extracted into the Solr index for searching, what do you need to provide? (Choose two.)
You are creating a new SolrIndexProperty as a facet and want to define it using facet ranges. What do you need to do to achieve that?
You need to create a new Backoffice Cockpit to implement new features for a business user role. Which tasks are required? (Choose two.)
Which of the following can prevent an item from being automatically reallocated to any other location? (Choose two.)
Which configuration options are available on a cache region? (Choose three.)
In SmartEdit, what can you do with variations defined for a customization? (Choose three.)
Assuming that property impex.legacy.scripting is set to false and ‘Enable code execution’ is checked, what are the results of the following ImpEx script? INSERT_UPDATE Title;code[unique=true] #%groovy% beforeEach: line.clear(); ;foo; ;bar; ;baz;
In personalization (based on SmartEdit), you want to configure when the experience calculation is triggered for registered customers without requiring any customization. What are the available options? (Choose three.)
SAP Commerce Cloud provides a batch package that enables automated importing of data from hot folders. What Spring project is the hot folders feature based on?
You restart the platform without running “ant all”. Which of the following changes take effect? (Choose two.)
How can you create asynchronous events in the SAP Commerce Cloud platform? (Choose two.)
What is the purpose of the dynamic forms in the Backoffice?
You need to create a new custom promotion based on customer reviews for a product. You create a customPromotion extension with a new Rule Aware Object to keep customer reviews. In which file will you define this new Rule Aware Object?
What is the recommended way to deploy Solr in a production environment? (Choose two.)
Which of the following can you configure in a widget definition (definition.xml) file? (Choose three.)
You want to introduce a new ProductOption that can be used to convert a custom attribute from the Product model into a custom attribute of the ProductData object. What is the standard way to do this?
How do you enable express checkout for a specific BaseSite?
You are building a solution for an insurance company with agents and insurance types. The agents have access to the customers’ information and to their insurance type. How do you set up the users’ rights? (Choose two.)
What happens when you use a deployment tag in the items.xml file? (Choose two.)
What do extension packs allow you to do?
Why are rule-aware objects (RAOs) used in the rule engine? (Choose two.)
You are running a transaction that creates an item and updates it twice. If the transaction is committed successfully, how many AfterSaveEvent items will the ServiceLayer create?
In an Accelerator-based storefront, which of the following would allow you to display a custom CMS Component? (Choose two.)
What is included in a Content Management System (CMS) page template?
Which of the following items are configured via a direct relation to a BaseStore? (Choose three.)
What does the Cloud Portal application enable you to do? (Choose three.)
To define a new product approval business process, what do you need to create?
You are implementing a new custom promotion action that changes the delivery mode of an order. What steps are required to make sure that the effects of this action are reverted as soon as the condition that triggered it is NO longer fulfilled? (Choose two.)
You are creating an extension with a web module. What do you need to ensure? (Choose two.)
How can you start a business process in SAP Commerce Cloud? (Choose two.)
In an extension named myext, you defined Pump, a subtype of the Product item type with a property named efficiency. You have also extended the product DTO bean to have an efficiency property. To copy the efficiency property to the product DTO, what do you need to do?
You are creating a business process (mybusinessprocess) that requires an action (actionB) to pass an info String value to another action (actionE) occurring later in the process. What do you need to do to make this possible?
What steps are required to manage external library dependencies in your source code? (Choose two.)
Which component configurations does the ServiceLayer architecture promote? (Choose three.)
Which of the following relations are defined in the data model for personalization (based on SmartEdit)? (Choose two.)
You synchronize a media item stored in SAP Commerce Cloud from a staged version to an online version. What happens next? (Choose two.)
Which interface would you inject into your class to allow you to trigger an indexing operation via API?
How many category items will the following ImpEx create? $prodCat=electronicsProductCatalog $version=Staged $catVersion=catalogVersion(catalog(id[default=$prodCat]),version[default=$version]) INSERT_UPDATE Category;code[unique=true];$catVersion[unique=true] ;test_category;electronicsProductCatalog ;test_category;apparelProductCatalog:$version ;test_category;:Online ;test_category;

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