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Business Process

ECC Tcode

S/4HANA Fiori Apps

FICOChart of Accounts – enter COA, G/L accounts (or all)S_ALR_87012326Not Available
FICOChart of Accounts Master Data Report – G/L account (or range), COA – shows all master data selections madeS_ALR_87012328Not Available
FICOCentral Processing GL Account (create,change,display)FS00Manage G/L Account Master Data
FICOGL Account – Chart of Accounts (create, change, display)FSP0Edit G/L Account
FICOGL Account – Company Code (create, change, display)FSS0Edit G/L Account
FICOCreate Profit CenterKE51Manage Profit Center Master Data
FICOChange Profit CenterKE52Not Available
FICODisplay Profit CenterKE53Manage Profit Centers
FICOG/LPosting (very similar to FB50 with different format for data entry)F-02Create G/L Account Postings
FICOChange FI Document – change assignment field and text onlyFB02Manage Payment Blocks
FICOEnter manual entryFB50Post General Journal Entries – FB50
FICOEnter adjusting entry non-leading ledgerFB50LPost General Journal Entries
FICODisplay list of parked documents – Post/ Delete Parked DocumentFBV0Post Parked Journal Entries
FICOChange Parked DocumentFBV2Change Parked Journal Entries
FICODisplay Park GL Document – Post/ Delete Parked DocumentFBV3Display Parked Journal Entries
FICOChange Parked Document HeaderFBV4Change Parked Journal Entries
FICOReject Parked DocumentFBV6Reject Parked Journal Entries
FICOCreate a Parked GL document – same format as FB50 but the only option is to post which in effect parks the documentFV50Park General Journal Entries
FICOExecute Recurring Entry DocumentF.14Carry Out Recurring Entries
FICOList Recurring Entry DocumentsF.15Display Recurring Entries (Overview)
FICOReverse accrual / deferral entriesF.81Reverse Accrual/Deferral Journal Entry
FICOEnter recurring entryFBD1Enter Recurring Entry
FICOChange Recurring entryFBD2Change Recurring Entry
FICOEnter accrual/deferral entriesFBS1Enter Accrual/Deferral Journal Entry
FICOGL Easy EntryFB50Post General Journal Entries – FB50
FICOForeign Currency ValuationFAGL_FCVNot Available
FICOEnter Exchange RatesS_BCE_68000174Not Available
FICOGL Line ItemsFAGLL03HNot Available
FICOPCA MonitorIKE4Not Available
FICOReverse multiple documents – provides a list of entries/transactions that have not yet been processed in the FI module that can be reversed directly through the report – this option will only be available to certain key users due to the capabilities and potential impact.F.80Reverse Journal Entries – Multi
FICOReverse Individual DocumentFB08Reverse Journal Entries
FICOCreate Bank Master DataFI01Manage Banks
FICOChange Bank Master DataFI02Change Banks
FICODisplay Bank Master DataFI03Not Available
FICOMark Bank for DeletionFI06Set Flags to Delete Banks
FICOBill of Exchange PaymentF-36Not Available
FICOBill of Exchange PresentationFBWENot Available
FICOPayment with PrintoutF-58Not Available
FICOCheck LotsFCHINot Available
FICOPark InvoiceMIR7Park Incoming Supplier Invoices
FICOEnter InvoiceMIROCreate Supplier Invoice
FICOMaintain GR/IR Clearing AccountMR11Schedule Supplier Invoice Jobs – Advanced
FICODisplay/Cancel Account Maintenance DocumentMR11SHOWDisplay/Cancel Account Maintenance Document
FICOCancel Invoice DocumentMR8MCancel Supplier Invoice Document
FICORelease Blocked InvoicesMRBRRelease Blocked Invoices
FICOGenerate ERS SettlementMRRLCreate Evaluated Receipt Settlement
FICOAutomatic Payment TransactionsF110Revise Payment Proposals
FICOClear Vendor Account- Line ItemsF-44Clear Outgoing Payments
FICORequest Down PaymentF-47Create Supplier Down Payment Requests
FICOPost Vendor Down PaymentF-48Post Supplier Down Payments
FICOPost Manual Payment (Wires)F-53Post Outgoing Payments – For Suppliers
FICOClear Down PaymentF-54Clear Supplier Down Payment
FICOManual Invoice EntryFB60Create Incoming Invoices
FICOProcess Credit Memos to VendorFB65Not Available
FICOReset Cleared ItemsFBRAReset Cleared Items
FICODisplay/Edit Automatic Payment Proposal ListFBZ0Edit Payment Proposals
FICODisplay CheckFCH1Manage Outgoing Checks
FICODisplay Information for a Payment DocumentFCH2Change Checks
FICOVoid Unused ChecksFCH3Void Unused Checks
FICORenumber checksFCH4Renumber Checks
FICOCreate Manual ChecksFCH5Create Manual Checks
FICOAdditional Info on ChecksFCH6Change Cashed Checks
FICOVoid Check and Cancel PaymentFCH8Void Canceled Payments
FICOVoid Issued CheckFCH9Void Issued Checks
FICOCheck RegisterFCHNDisplay Check Registers
FICOPark Vendor InvoiceFV60Not Available
FICOPark Vendor Credit MemoFV65Not Available
FICOCreate Customer (Accounting)BP / XD01Maintain Business Partner, Define Business Partner
FICOPost incoming paymentsF-28Not Available
FICOPost down paymentF-29Post Customer Down Payments
FICOClear Customer Account – Line Items (Net to Zero)F-32Clear Incoming Payments
FICOPost down payment requestF-37Post Customer Down Payment Requests
FICOEnter customer invoice (use for non-product sales)FB70Create Outgoing Invoices
FICOEnter customer credit memo (use for non-product sales)FB75Not Available
FICOPark Customer DocumentFV70Not Available
FICOPark Customer CreditFV75Not Available
FICOPost With ClearingFB05Not Available
FICOIncoming Payments Fast EntryF-26Not Available
FICOProcess Manual Bank StatementFF67Not Available
FICOClear G/L AccountF-03Clear G/L Accounts
FICOG/L Post with ClearingF-04Post with Clearing
FICODisplay of Billing DocumentsVF03Billing Document
FICOList of Billing DocumentsVF05List Billing Documents
FICORelease Billing Documents for AccountingVFX3Schedule Billing Release
FICOChange asset documentAB02Not Available
FICODisplay Asset DocumentAB03Fixed Asset (S/4HANA)
FICOReverse Line ItemsAB08Reverse Line Items
FICOUnplanned depreciationABAAPost Unplanned Depreciation
FICOAsset Sale Without CustomerABAONPost Asset Sale – Without Customer
FICOAsset Retirement by ScrappingABAVNPost Asset Retirement – By Scrapping
FICOBalance sheet revaluationABAWPost Revaluation
FICONew value methodABAWNPost Revaluation – With New Value Method
FICOCredit Memo in Year after InvoiceABGFPost Credit Memo – After Year of Invoice
FICOEnter Credit Memo in Year of InvoiceABGLPost Credit Memo – In Year of Invoice
FICOManual depreciationABMAPost Manual Depreciation
FICOManual transfer of reservesABMRPost Manual Transfer of Reserves
FICOPost-CapitalizationABNANPost Post-Capitalization
FICOSubsequent RevenueABNEPost Subsequent Revenue
FICOSubsequent CostsABNKPost Subsequent Costs
FICOMiscellaneous TransactionsABSONot Available
FICOIntercompany Asset TransferABT1NPost Transfer – Across Company Codes
FICOTransfer within Company CodeABUMNPost Transfer – Within Company Code
FICOAcquis. w/Autom. Offsetting EntryABZONNot Available
FICOAcquistion from affiliated companyABZPPost Acquisition – From Affiliated Company
FICOWrite-upABZUPost Writeup
FICOPost depreciationAFABManage Depreciation Runs (Version 2)
FICOCreate depreciation posting logAFBPNot Available
FICOAuC Assignment of Dist. RuleAIABDefine Distribution Rules – For Asset under Construction
FICOTransfer Asset under Const.AIBUSettle Asset under Construction
FICOReverse Settlement of AuCAISTReverse Settlement of AuC
FICOAcquisition from purchase w. vendorF-90Acquisition without Order (Integrated AP)
FICOAsset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing AcctF-91Not Available
FICOAsset Retire. frm Sale w/ CustomerF-92Asset Sale with Invoice
FICOTake back FI-AA year-end closingOAAQUndo Year-End Closing – For Entire Company Code
FICOC AM Year-end closing by areaOAARUndo Year-End Closing – By Area
FICOCall Asset ListAR01Asset Balances
FICOCall Up Asset History SheetAR02Asset History Sheet
FICOCall Up Depreciation ListAR03Depreciation Lists
FICOAsset ExplorerAW01NAsset Values
FICOCost ComponentsCK80_99Cost Components
FICOCosted Multilevel BOMCK86_99Costed Multilevel BOM
FICODisplay GL open items report (To review unapplied cash)FAGLL03Display G/L Account Line Items
FICODisplay/Change Line ItemsFBL1NInvoice Processing Analysis (S/4HANA)
FICOCustomer Line Item DisplayFBL5NDisplay Customer Summary – China
FICOCustomer Balance DisplayFD10NDisplay Customer Balances
FICODisplay Vendor BalanceFK10NDisplay Supplier Balances
FICODisplay Changes to Cost ElementsKA05Not Available
FICOCost Elements: Master Data ReportKA23Not Available
FICOCreate activity typeKL01Manage Activity Type Master Data
FICOChange activity typeKL02Not Available
FICODisplay activity typeKL03Activity Type (S/4HANA)
FICODisplay changes to activity typeKL05Not Available
FICOActivity Types: Master Data ReportKL13Not Available
FICOChange Internal ordersKO02Not Available
FICODisplay internal ordersKO03Internal Order (S/4HANA)
FICOInternal Orders: Actual Line ItemsKOB1Display Cost Line Items
FICOInternal Orders: Master Data ReportKOK5Not Available
FICOCreate Cost CenterKS01Manage Cost Centers
FICOChange Cost CenterKS02Not Available
FICODisplay Cost CenterKS03Cost Center (S/4HANA)
FICODisplay Changes to Cost CenterKS05Not Available
FICOCost Centers: Master Data ReportKS13Not Available
FICOCost Centers: Actual Line ItemsKSB1Display Cost Line Items – Cost Centers – Actual
FICOControlling Documents: Actual Costs: NewKSB5NDisplay Actual Cost Documents
FICOCost Centers: Planning OverviewKSBLCost Centers – PlaFIORI TILEctual (Accessible)
FICOCost Centers: Activity PricesKSBTAnalyze Prices for Activity Types – Cost Centers
FICOPO List Display by VendorME2LDisplay Purchasing Documents by Supplier
FICODisplay Invoice DocumentMIR4Supplier Invoice
FICODisplay List of Invoice DocumentsMIR5Supplier Invoices List
FICOInvoice OverviewMIR6Not Available
FICOAsset BalancesS_ALR_87011994Asset Balances
FICOAsset History SheetS_ALR_87011998Create Asset History Sheet – Austria
FICODepreciationS_ALR_87012004Total Depreciation
FICODepreciationS_ALR_87012006Not Available
FICODepreciation ComparisonS_ALR_87012013Depreciation Comparison
FICOManual DepreciationS_ALR_87012015Not Available
FICOAsset Balances for Group AssetsS_ALR_87012017Not Available
FICODepreciation and InterestS_ALR_87012018Depreciation and Interest
FICOAsset TransactionsS_ALR_87012039Asset Transactions
FICOFixed Asset LedgerS_ALR_87012045Not Available
FICOAsset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)S_ALR_87012046Not Available
FICOAsset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)S_ALR_87012047Asset Acquisitions – For Mid Quarter Convention
FICOAsset TransactionsS_ALR_87012048Not Available
FICOAsset AcquisitionsS_ALR_87012050Asset Acquisitions
FICOAsset RetirementsS_ALR_87012052Asset Retirements
FICOIntracompany Asset TransfersS_ALR_87012054Intracompany Asset Transfers
FICODirectory of Unposted AssetsS_ALR_87012056Not Available
FICODepreciationS_ALR_87012064Not Available
FICOAnalysis of Retirement RevenueS_ALR_87012066Retirement Revenue – Analysis
FICOScrap Value Depr. (Uniform Depr.)S_ALR_87012072Calculate Scrap Value Depreciation – South Korea
FICODepreciation of Tangible AssetsS_ALR_87012073Calculate Tangible Assets Depreciation – South Korea
FICOIntangible Assets: DepreciationS_ALR_87012074Calculate Intangible Assets Depreciation – South Korea
FICOAsset HistoryS_ALR_87012075Not Available
FICODue Date Analysis for Open Items (aging report)S_ALR_87012078Analyze Due Dates – For Suppliers
FICOVendor Balances in Local CurrencyS_ALR_87012082Not Available
FICOList of Vendor Open Items for PrintingS_ALR_87012083Not Available
FICOOpen Items – Vendor Due Date ForecastS_ALR_87012084Not Available
FICOVendor Master Data ListS_ALR_87012086Display Supplier List
FICOVendor Address ListS_ALR_87012087Not Available
FICODisplay Changes to VendorsS_ALR_87012089Display Changes to Suppliers
FICOCustomer Balances in Local CurrencyS_ALR_87012172Not Available
FICOList of Customer Open ItemsS_ALR_87012174Not Available
FICORun A/R aging report (Out of box standard report)S_ALR_87012178Not Available
FICOCustomer Master Data ListS_ALR_87012179Not Available
FICOCustomer Master Data List with AddressesS_ALR_87012180Not Available
FICODisplay Changes to CustomersS_ALR_87012182Display Changes to Customers
FICOList: Internal OrdersS_ALR_87012995Not Available
FICOPreparation of Tax ReportsS_ALR_87012394Not Available
FICOList: Actual/Plan/Commitments Internal OrderS_ALR_87013000Not Available
FICOInternal Orders: Period Comparison ActuS_ALR_87013003Not Available
FICOInternalOrders: Plan Period ComparisonS_ALR_87013006Not Available
FICOMaterial vs. Material Cost ComponentsS_ALR_87013047Cost Component Comparison
FICOMaterial vs. Material Cost ElementsS_ALR_87013048Cost Element Comparison
FICOCost Centers: Actual/Plan/VarianceS_ALR_87013611Cost Centers – PlaFIORI TILEctual YTD (Accessible)
FICORange: Cost CentersS_ALR_87013612Not Available
FICOCost Centers: Current Period/CumulativeS_ALR_87013614Not Available
FICOCost center Range: Activity TypesS_ALR_87013617Not Available
FICOCost Center Range: Assigned Orders/WBS ElementsS_ALR_87013619Not Available
FICOResults of Costing RunS_ALR_87099930Costing Run Results
FICOPrice vs Cost EstimateS_ALR_87099931Material Cost vs. Cost Estimate
FICOVariances Between Costing RunsS_ALR_87099932Costing Run Comparison
FICOPayment List (Payment history report for automatic payments only)S_P99_41000099Display Payment Lists
FICOAnalyze/Compare Material Cost EstimatesS_P99_41000111Not Available
FICOCarry Forward AP/AR BalancesF.07Not Available
FICOG/L Account Balances – can be exported to Excel – static no drill downF.08Display G/L Account Balances – F.08
FICOGR/IR ClearingF.13Clear Open Items Automatically
FICOGR/IR RegroupingF.19Repost GR/IR clearing
FICOGeneral Ledger Line Items – report by G/L account of all line items in account by posting dateF.51Display G/L Line Items
FICOG/L Account report – drill into period Dr or Cr for individual transactions – drill into source documentsFAGLB03Display G/L Account Balances
FICOCarry Forward GL BalancesFAGLGVTRCarry Forward Balances
FICODisplay FI documents – source document and accounting presentedFB03Controlling Document (S/4HANA)
FICOVendor BalancesFBL1NInvoice Processing Analysis (S/4HANA)
FICOCustomer BalancesFBL5NDisplay Customer Summary – China
FICOWIP Calculation MassKKAOCalculate Work in Process – Orders – Collective
FICOWIP Calculation Individual OrderKKAXCalculate Work In Process – Order – Single
FICOVariance Calculation MassKKS1Run Variance Calculation – Orders – By Lot
FICOVariance Calculation Individual OrderKKS2Run Variance Calculation – Order – Single
FICOAllocation of Cost – AssessmentKSU5Schedule Actual Overhead Allocation (Cost Centers)
FICOOpen/Close FI posting periodOB52Close Posting Periods in Subsidiary Ledgers
FICOList of Vendor Line ItemsS_ALR_87012103Not Available
FICODue Date Analysis for Open ItemsS_ALR_87012168Not Available
FICOOpen Items – Customer Due Date ForecastS_ALR_87012175Not Available
FICOAdvance Return for Tax on Sales / PurchasesS_ALR_87012357Not Available
FICOFinancial Statements – BS and PL with subtotals – can be exported to Excel – some with drill down – alternate account selection for statutory chart of accounts reportsS_ALR_87012284P&L – PlaFIORI TILEctual
FICODocument JournalS_ALR_87012287Document Journal
FICOCompact Document JournalS_ALR_87012289Compact Document Journal
FICORecurring Entry DocumentsS_ALR_87012346Not Available
FICOBilling Due ListVF04Not Available
FICOExecute Plan AssessmentKEUBNot Available
FICOOrder SettlementKO88Not Available
FICOPlanned Order SettlementKO9GNot Available
FICOPlanned Rate CalculationKSPINot Available
FICOExecute Plan AssessmentKSUBNot Available
FICOClose GL PeriodS_ALR_87003642Not Available
FICOCreated Condition RecordsVK11Not Available
FICOChange Condition RecordsVK12Not Available
FICORevaluation of Actual PricesCON2Not Available
FICOAutomatic Processing of Intercompany TransactionsFBICA3Not Available
FICOReconcile Remaining DifferencesFBICS3Not Available
FICOVendor Line ItemsFBL1HNot Available
FICOExecute Actual Price CalculationKSIINot Available
FICOClose Period Controlling AreaOKP1Not Available
FICOFiscal Year Close Carry ForwardKSCFNot Available
FICOConfig Plan versionsOKEQNot Available
FICOCopy Document Number RangesOBH2Not Available
FICORun Actual Settlement – Projects – Collective (Optimized)CJ8GHCJ8GH
FICOSettle Orders – OptimizedCO88HCO88H
FICOManage Internal OrdersKO01F1022
FICOManage Cost CentersKS01F1023
FICOManage Cost Center GroupsKSH1F1024
FICOManage Activity Type Master DataKL01F1025
FICOManage Internal Order GroupsKOH1F1026
FICOManage Activity Type GroupsKLH1F1027
FICOManage Cost CentersF-47F1443
FICOManage Profit CentersKE53F1444
FICOSchedule Actual Overhead Allocation (Profitability Analysis)KEU5F1483
FICOSchedule Actual Settlement For ProjectsCJ8GF1484
FICOSchedule Results Analysis For ProjectsKKAJF1485
FICOPlan Cost Centers on PeriodsKP06F1581
FICOPlanning ProfileKP04Not Available
FICOSet Planning ProfileKP04Not Available
FICOCopy Actual to Plan Cost CentersKP98Not Available
FICOInternal Order PlanningKPF6Not Available
FICOManage Statistical Key FiguresKAK3F1603
FICOManage Internal Orders (Version 2)KO01F1604
FICOManage Activity TypesKL01F1605
FICOImport Financial Plan DataCJ40F1711
FICOActivity Type (S/4HANA)KL03F1717
FICOControlling Document (S/4HANA)FB03F1720
FICOCost Center (S/4HANA)KS03F1721
FICOCost Center Group (S/4HANA)KSH3F1722
FICOInternal Order (S/4HANA)KO03F1729
FICOStatistical Key Figure (S/4HANA)KK03F1731
FICOProduction Cost AnalysisKKBC_ORDF1780
FICORealignment Results – Profitability AnalysisNAF2549
FICOStatistical Key Figures – ActualsNAF2766
FICOActivate Inactive HierarchiesFCOM_AIHFCOM_AIH
FICONavigate to Group Utilities – Master HierarchiesFCOM_GROUPFCOM_GROUP
FICOEnter Manual Cost AllocationsKB15NKB15N
FICODisplay Manual Cost AllocationsKB16NKB16N
FICOReverse Manual Cost AllocationsKB17NKB17N
FICOEnter Activity AllocationKB21NKB21N
FICODisplay Activity Allocation – Direct AllocationKB23NKB23N
FICOReverse Activity Allocation – Direct AllocationKB24NKB24N
FICOPost Statistical Key FiguresKB31NKB31N
FICODisplay Statistical Key FiguresKB33NKB33N
FICOReverse Statistical Key FiguresKB34NKB34N
FICORun Actual Settlement – Internal Orders (Optimized)KO8GHKO8GH
FICOEdit Prices for Activity Types – Cost CentersKP26KP26
FICOCreate Overhead Allocation Cycles – Cost Centers – ActualKSU1KSU1
FICOEdit Overhead Allocation Cycles – Cost Centers – ActualKSU2KSU2
FICODisplay Overhead Allocation Cycles – Cost Centers – ActualKSU3KSU3
FICODelete Overhead Allocation Cycles – Cost Centers – ActualKSU4KSU4
FICORun Overhead Allocation – Cost Centers – ActualKSU5KSU5
FICOActual Assessment: OverviewKSU6KSU6
FICOSettle Sales Order to Profitability Analysis – Service ProviderVA88HVA88H
FICOStatistical Key Figures – ActualsNAW0075
FICOInternal Orders – PlaFIORI TILEctual YTDS_ALR_87012993F0929
FICOInternal Orders – PlaFIORI TILEctual YTDS_ALR_87012993F0929A
FICOInternal Orders – PlaFIORI TILEctual with Currency TranslationS_ALR_87013013F0935
FICOInternal Orders – PlaFIORI TILEctual with Currency TranslationS_ALR_87013013F0935A
FICOInternal Orders – ActualsS_ALR_87012993F0941
FICOInternal Orders – ActualsS_ALR_87012993F0941A
FICOInternal Orders – PlaFIORI TILEctualS_ALR_87012993F0948
FICOInternal Orders – PlaFIORI TILEctualS_ALR_87012993F0948A
FICORun Overhead Calculation – Internal Orders – ActualKGI2KGI2
FICORun Overhead Calculation – Internal Orders – Actual (Collective)KGI4KGI4
FICORun Overhead Calculation – Internal Orders – PlanKGP2KGP2
FICOImport Order Master Data – Internal OrdersKO08KO08
FICOEdit Original Budget – Internal OrdersKO22KO22
FICODisplay Original Budget – Internal OrdersKO23KO23
FICOEdit Budget Supplements – Internal OrdersKO24KO24
FICODisplay Budget Supplements – Internal OrdersKO25KO25
FICOEdit Budget Returns – Internal OrdersKO26KO26
FICODisplay Budget Returns – Internal OrdersKO27KO27
FICOEdit Budget Documents – Internal Orders, Change budget documentKO2AKO2A
FICODisplay budget document, Display Budget Documents – Internal OrdersKO2BKO2B
FICOActivate Availability Control – Internal OrdersKO30KO30
FICODeactivate Availability Control – Internal OrdersKO32KO32
FICORun Actual Settlement – Internal Orders (Optimized), Run Actual Settlement – Internal OrdersKO8GKO8G
FICOInternal Orders: Coll. Displ. SettRuKOSRLIST_ORKOSRLIST_OR
FICOList Settlement Rules – Internal Orders, Display Settlement Rules – Production OrdersKOSRLIST_PPKOSRLIST_PP
FICOEdit Order Types – Internal OrdersS_ALR_87005266S_ALR_87005266
FICOCreate Material Cost EstimatesCK11NCK11N
FICODisplay Material Cost EstimatesCK13NCK13N
FICORelease Material Cost EstimatesCK24CK24
FICOEdit Costing RunsCK40NCK40N
FICODelete Costing RunsCK44CK44
FICOCreate Additive CostsCK74NCK74N
FICOChange Additive CostsCK75NCK75N
FICODisplay Additive CostsCK76NCK76N
FICOComparison of ItemizationsCK79_99CK79_99
FICOCost Components – MaterialsCK80_99CK80_99
FICOMaterial Cost EstimatesCK82CK82
FICOItemization – MaterialsCK84_99CK84_99
FICOCosted Multilevel BOM – MaterialsCK86_99CK86_99
FICOPartner Cost ComponentsCK88_99CK88_99
FICOEdit Procurement AlternativesCK91NCK91N
FICOChange Mixing RatiosCK94CK94
FICODisplay Mixing RatiosCK95CK95
FICODisplay Uncosted MaterialsCKAPP01CKAPP01
FICOCheck Costing VariantsCKC1CKC1
FICOMaterial Price AnalysisCKM3CKM3
FICOMaterial Price AnalysisCKM3NCKM3N
FICOMaterial Price HistoryCKM3PHCKM3PH
FICOActivity Types Value FlowCKMACDCKMACD
FICODisplay Material Ledger DocumentsCKMBCKMB
FICOChange Actual Cost ComponentsCKMCCCCKMCCC
FICODisplay Actual Cost ComponentsCKMCCDCKMCCD
FICOMaterial Transaction HistoryCKMDCKMD
FICODistribute Activity DifferencesCKMDUVACTCKMDUVACT
FICODistribute Inventory DifferencesCKMDUVMATCKMDUVMAT
FICOInventory and Activity DifferencesCKMDUVSHOWCKMDUVSHOW
FICORelease Planned Price ChangesCKMECKME
FICOEdit Actual Costing RunsCKMLCPCKMLCP
FICOEdit Alternative Valuation RunsCKMLCPAVRCKMLCPAVR
FICOChange Price DeterminationCKMMCKMM
FICODisplay Price Changes, Display Price Change DocumentsCKMPCDCKMPCD
FICOMaterial Ledger DocumentsCKMSCKMS
FICOTransfer Production PlanCKMVAPPCKMVAPP
FICOReorganize Cost EstimatesCKR1CKR1
FICOCreate Unit Cost Estimate – MultiCKUCCKUC
FICOMaterial Inventory Values – Balance SummaryMB5LF1422
FICOMaterial Inventory Values – Balance SummaryMB5LF1422A
FICOMaterial Inventory Values – Line ItemsMR51F1423
FICOMaterial Inventory Values – Line ItemsCKMDF1423A
FICOMaterial Inventory Values – Rounding DifferencesMR23F1440
FICOMaterial Inventory Values – Rounding DifferencesMR23F1440A
FICOCalculate Work in Process – Orders – CollectiveKKAOKKAO
FICOCalculate Work In Process – Order – SingleKKAXKKAX
FICOAnalyze Summarization HierarchyKKBC_HOE_HKKBC_HOE_H
FICOAnalyze Product Cost CollectorsKKBC_PKOKKBC_PKO
FICODisplay CO Production OrdersKKF3KKF3
FICOCreate Product Cost Collectors – Production Versions – CollectiveKKF6MKKF6M
FICOMaintain Product Cost CollectorsKKF6NKKF6N
FICOCreate Unit Cost Estimate – SingleKKPANKKPAN
FICOChange Unit Cost Estimate – SingleKKPBNKKPBN
FICODisplay Unit Cost Estimate – SingleKKPCNKKPCN
FICORun Variance Calculation – Orders – By LotKKS1KKS1
FICORun Variance Calculation – Order – SingleKKS2KKS2
FICORun Variance Calculation – Orders – By PeriodKKS5KKS5
FICOClear GR/IR Clearing Account, Clear GR/IR AccountsMR11MR11
FICOCosting Variants – Product CostingOKKNOKKN
FICOCosting Run ResultsS_ALR_87099930S_ALR_87099930
FICOMaterial Cost vs. Cost EstimateS_ALR_87099931S_ALR_87099931
FICOCosting Run ComparisonS_ALR_87099932S_ALR_87099932
FICOTop Down Distribution Plan DataKE1GNot Available
FICOLogsKE29NNot Available
FICOCOPA PlannningKEPMNot Available
FICOTop Down Distribution Actual DataKE28Not Available
FICOCOPA ReportsKE30Not Available
FICODunning RunF150Not Available
FICOBlocked SD DocumentsVKM1Not Available
FICOCredit OverviewF.31Not Available
FICOAged AnalysisS_ALR_87013176Not Available
FICOCredit Master SheetS_ALR_87012218Not Available
FICOReleased SD DocumentsVKM2Not Available
FICOSales DocumentsVKM3Not Available
FICOSD DocumentsVKM4Not Available

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