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SAP Tables for Technical

SAP Tables for Technical

SAP Tables for Technical

Authorisation objects

  • TOBC Class assignment of authorisation objects
  • TOBCT Texts for Authorisation Object Classes
  • TOBF Business process < > Authorisation objects
  • TOBFA Applications (connected with business processes)
  • TOBFC Business processes in object classes (applications)
  • TOBFT Texts for Business Processes (Functions)
  • TOBJ Objects
  • TOBJC Class assignment of authorisation objects
  • TOBJT Texts for the objects (for TOBJ)
  • TSTC_SM Control table SU22: Auth.obj.maint. for transactions

Batch input map’s

  • APQI Batch Input Maps, Queue info definition

Batch jobs

  • TBTCI Usage counter for the job’s internal report
  • TBTCO Job status overview table
  • TBTCP Batch job step overview
  • TBTCS Batch-schedule-table
  • TBTCSTEP Description of step values (BI-API)
  • SNAP ABAP/4 snapshot for run-time errors

Correction & transport

  • E070 R/3 command
  • E070C Source and Target Client for Request E070
  • E070CREATE Creation date of request
  • E070L Number Range for Transport and Correction System
  • E070N UNIX/SAP user connection
  • E070P Path under which a C correction is created
  • E070USE Use of Current Requests by Users
  • E071 Objects of a request or task (E070)
  • E071K Key objects (tables, views,…) of a correction
  • E07T R/3 command file text


  • T005 Countries
  • T005A Address routines
  • T005B Name of address routines
  • T005E County
  • T005F County: Texts
  • T005G City
  • T005H City: Texts
  • T005I Communication: Country dialling code exceptions (Telex)
  • T005J Communication: country dialling code exceptions (Telephone)
  • T005K Communication: country dialling code
  • T005N Name formats
  • T005O Name format fields
  • T005P Validation of tax keys
  • T005Q Country keys for withholding tax calculation
  • T005R Country keys for the withholding tax: Names
  • T005S Taxes: Region (Province) Key
  • T005T Country names
  • T005U Taxes: Region Key: Texts
  • T005X Countries – decimal point and date format (SET COUNTRY)


  • TCURC Currency codes

Data elements

  • DD04L Data elements
  • DD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts
  • TDDIR Active field exits for data elements

Development classes

  • TDEVC Transport System Development Classes


  • DD01L Domains
  • DD01T R/3 DD: domain texts
  • DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains
  • DD07T DD: Texts for domain fixed values (language-dependent)

Dynpro areas



  • FILENAME Table for converting internal (logical) file names into external names
  • PATH Definition of physical file paths for each syntax
  • PATHTEXT Logical file path names
  • PARAMVALUE Run-time variables for platform-independent file names

Function modules

  • TFDIR Function modules
  • TFTIT Function module short text

Function groups

  • TLIBG Person responsible for function class
  • TADIR Catalog of R/3 Repository objects
  • TLIBT Function Group Short Texts


  • ICON Icons table
  • ICONT Icon Texts

Logical databases

  • TLDB ABAP/4: Directory and structure of logical data bases


  • MACOB Runtime-object “Matchcode-object”
  • MACID Runtime-object “Matchcode-ID”
  • DD24S Fields of a matchcode ID


  • NAST Message status
  • TNAPR Processing programs for output
  • T100 Messages
  • T100A Message-Id’s of T100


  • TRDIRE Program attributes (from PROGRAM statement)
  • VRSD Version administration: Directory table
  • TRCL ABAP/4 program classes
  • TDCT Dialog Modules

Repository objects

  • TADIR Catalog of R/3 Repository objects
  • TBDIR For Repository Switch: delivered TADIR entries

Purchase Requisition

  • EBAN Purchase Requisition
  • EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
  • EBUB Index for Stock Transport Requisitions for Material
  • Logical databases: BAM, BKM, BBM


  • TFO01 Entity table of font families in SAPscript
  • TFO02 SAPscript system fonts
  • TFO03 SAPscript printer fonts
  • TFO04 AFM fontmetrics for SAPscript font maintenance
  • TFO05 SAP bar codes
  • TFO06 Printer bar codes
  • TFO07 Table with default font family for language
  • TFO08 Assignment of font family, language -> replacement family
  • TFO09 Assignment of font family to language
  • TFO10 Font replacement for special device type


  • TSP03 Spool: Printer declaration
  • TSP03C Spool: Device Description Extension
  • TSP07 Spool: Paper used by the printer
  • TSP08 Spool: Paper formats
  • TSP09 Spool: Printer drivers
  • TSP0A Spool: Device types

Status (menu)

  • D340L CUA status header – run-time header
  • D341L Control table for CUA run-time object 1 (AB.MENU,PF)
  • D342L Table for long CUA objects

Switch objects

  • TODIR Switch object list

Tables and views

  • DD02ALL Table parameters for ALLBASE
  • DD02DB6 Table parameter DB2 version 2
  • DD02INF Table parameters for INFORMIX, Version 6
  • DD02L SAP tables
  • DD02MSS DD-DB Interface Table for SQL Server 95
  • DD02ORA Table parameters for ORACLE, version 6
  • DD02SYB Storage parameters for tables in SYBASE
  • DD02T R/3-DD: SAP Table Texts
  • DD03L Table Fields
  • DD03T DD: Texts for fields (language dependent)
  • DD04L Data elements
  • DD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts
  • TTDIR Include Tables for Extensions
  • TVDIR View Directory


  • STXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format
  • STXH STXD SAPscript text file header
  • STXL STXD SAPscript text file lines
  • TTXOB Valid text objects
  • TVART ABAP/4: Texts of variables in selection conditions


  • TSTC Transaction codes
  • TSTCA Values for transaction code authorisations
  • TSTCP Parameters for transactions
  • TSTCT Transaction Code Texts

User parameters

  • TPARA Directory of Memory IDs
  • TPARAT Memory ID Short Texts


  • VARI ABAP/4: Variant storage (similar to INDX)
  • VARID Variant directory
  • VARINUM Internal number assignment for variants
  • VARIT Variant texts
  • TVARV Table of variables in selection criteria
  • TVARC Variant conditions
  • TVARUVN Individual Variant Variable: Assignment TVARV
  • TVARCT Text for Variants Conditions
  • TVARH Header entries for screen variants
  • TVARIND Save screen variants


  • BSAD Accounting: Secondary index for customers (cleared items)
  • BSID Accounting: Secondary index for customers
  • BSIW Index table for customer bills of exchange used
  • BSIX Index table for customer bills of exchange used
  • BSAK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors (cleared items)
  • BSIK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors
  • BSIP Index for vendor validation of double documents
  • BSAS Accounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts (cleared items)
  • Logical databases:

Accounting documents

  • BKPF Accounting document header
  • BSEG Accounting document segment
  • BSET Tax data document segment
  • BSEC One-time account data document segment
  • Logical databases: BRM

Bill Of Material

  • MAST Material to BOM Link
  • EQST Equipment to BOM Link
  • STAS BOMs header
  • STKO BOM header
  • STPN BOM follow-Up control
  • STPO BOM item
  • STPU BOM sub-item
  • STST Standard BOM link
  • STVB Bills of material – Serialisation of posting
  • STZU Permanent BOM data
  • Bill Of Material
  • KBED Capacity requirements record
  • Logical databases: POH


  • CABS Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table AUSP
  • CUFM Customising: Class/Config: Screendesigner Form
  • TCME Validity for Global Characteristics
  • KLAH Class Header Data
  • KLAT Classes: long texts
  • KSML Characteristics of a Class
  • AUSP Characteristic values
  • SWOR Classification System: Catchwords
  • KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
  • TCLG Class groups
  • TCLO Key Fields of Objects
  • TCLS Classes: Organisational areas
  • TCLST Classes: Org. Areas (Texts)
  • TCLU Class Status
  • COCC PP-PI attributes for characteristics
  • COFV Process management – process instr. charact. in ctrl. recipe
  • COME Process management – message characteristics
  • CORE Process mgmt.- display characteristics of the eval. version
  • PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values
  • Matchcodes: CLAS, MERK en KLSW
  • Classification
  • TCLA Class Types
  • TCLAT Class Type Texts
  • TCLT Classifiable Objects
  • LTCLTT Classifiable Objects: Texts

Classification characteristics

  • CABN Characteristic
  • CAWN Characteristic values


  • CUCO Additional Data for Configurable Objects
  • CUCVRNT Variants of Constraints
  • CUEX Dependency Storage – Compilation
  • CUFM Customising: Class/Config: Screendesigner Form
  • CUKB Administrative Information for Dependency Maintenance
  • CUKBT Text Table for Dependency Maintenance Admin. Information
  • CUKN Dependency Storage – Variants/Configuration
  • CUOB Link between Object and Dependency
  • CUPE Extension to BOM Item for Variants
  • CURSADD Dependency Net Additional Data
  • CUVT Variant Table
  • CUXREF Object Dependency Cross References

Cost elements, centers, activities

  • CSKA Cost elements (data dependent on chart of accounts)
  • CSKB Cost elements (data dependent on controlling area)
  • CSKS Cost centre master
  • CSKT Cost centre texts
  • CSKU Cost element texts
  • CSLA Activity master
  • CSLT Activity type texts
  • CSSK Cost centre /cost element
  • CSSL Cost centre / activity


  • KNA1 General Data in Customer Master
  • KNAS Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section)
  • KNB1 Customer master (company code)
  • KNB4 Customer payment history
  • KNB5 Customer master (dunning data) (aanmaangegevens)
  • KNBK Customer master (bank details)
  • KNC1 Customer master (transaction figures)
  • KNC3 Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)
  • KNKA Customer master credit management: Central data
  • KNKK Customer master credit management: Control area data
  • KNMT Customer-Material Info Record Data Table
  • KNMTKCustomer-Material Info Record Header Table
  • KNVA Customer Master Loading Points
  • KNVD Customer master record sales request form
  • KNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator
  • KNVK Customer Master Contact Partner
  • KNVL Customer Master Licenses
  • KNVP Customer Master Partner Functions
  • KNVS Customer Master Shipping Data
  • KNVT Customer Master Record Texts for Sales
  • KNVV Customer Master Sales Data
  • Logical databases: DDF


  • EQUI Equipment master data
  • EQKT Equipment short texts
  • EQUZ Equipment time segment
  • EAPL Allocation of Task Lists to Pieces of Equipment
  • Logical databases: EQI

Equipment status

  • EQUI Equipment master data
  • JSTO Status object information
  • JEST Object status
  • TJ30 User status
  • TJ30T Texts for user status
  • TJ02 System status
  • TJ02T Texts for system status

Function location

  • IFLOT Functional Location (Table)
  • IFLOTX Functional location: short texts
  • IRLOTX Reference functional location: short texts
  • TAPL Allocation of task lists to functional locations

Customising tables

  • T370R Reference functional location category

General ledger accounts

  • SKA1 G/L accounts master (chart of accounts)
  • SKAS G/L account master (chart of accounts: key word list)
  • SKAT G/L account master record (chart of accounts: description)
  • SKB1 G/L account master (company code)
  • SKM1 Sample G/L accounts
  • SKMT Sample account names
  • SKPF Header Data: Inventory Sampling

Goods movement

  • AUFM Goods movements for order
  • AFFW Goods movements with errors from confirmations
  • SER03 Doc.header f.serial numbers for goods movements


  • T440C Planning file entries for goods movements

Inventory document

  • IKPF Header: Physical Inventory Document
  • ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items
  • LINK Inventory document header in WM
  • LINP Inventory document item in WM
  • LINV Inventory data per quant

Maintenance Order

  • AFIH Maintenance Order Header
  • AFKO Order header data PP orders
  • AFPO Order item (not used much)
  • AFRU Order completion confirmations
  • AFVC Operation within an order
  • AFVV Order position data
  • CRCO Assignment of work centre to cost centre
  • OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List
  • CRHD Work Centre Header
  • PLAF Planned order
  • HIKO Order master data history
  • HIVG PM order history: operations
  • Logical databases: CNJ


  • MARA Material Master: General Data
  • MARC Material Master: C Segment
  • MARD Material Master: Storage Location/Batch Segment
  • MAKT Material Descriptions
  • MAPL Allocation of task lists to materials
  • MARV Material Control Record
  • MARM Units of Measure
  • MBEW Material Valuation
  • MCHA Material batches
  • MOFF Outstanding Material Master Records
  • MSTA Material Master Status
  • MVER Material consumption
  • MVKE Material Master: Sales Data
  • MAPR Material Index for Forecast
  • PROP Forecast parameters
  • Logical databases: MSM

Material document

  • MKPF Header: Material Document
  • MSEG Document Segment: Material
  • BSIM Secondary Index, Documents for Material


  • QMEL Quality notification
  • QMIH Quality message – maintenance data excerpt


  • AUFK Order master data
  • AFKO Order header data PP orders
  • AFPO Order item
  • JSTO Status object information
  • JEST Object status
  • Logical databases: ODK


  • PCL5 HR/RP Cluster 5; HR Planning Usage
  • PREL HR Master Data (Version 3.0 Old Version !)
  • PTXT Texts for HR Master Data
  • PA0000 HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Events)
  • PA0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
  • PA0002 HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
  • PA0003 HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status)
  • PA0004 HR Master Record: Infotype 0004 (Challenge)
  • PA0005 HR Master Record: Infotype 0005 (Leave Entitlement)
  • PA0006 HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses)
  • PA0007 HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Work Schedule)
  • PA0008 HR Master Record: Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay)
  • PA0009 HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details)
  • PA0010 HR Master Record: Infotype 0010 (Capital Formation)
  • PA0011 HR Master Record: Infotype 0011 (Ext.Bank Transfers)
  • PA0012 HR Master Record: Infotype 0012 (Fiscal Data Germany)
  • PA0013 Infotype Social Insurance – Germany
  • PA0014 HR Master Record: Infotype 0014 (Recurr. Bens/Deducs)
  • PA0015 HR Master Record: Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments)
  • PA0016 HR Master Record: Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements)
  • Logical databases: PNP

Production resource tools

  • AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order
  • CRVD_A Link of PRT to Document
  • CRVD_B Link of Document to PRT
  • CRVE_A Assignment PRT data – equipment
  • CRVE_B Assignment equipment – PRT data
  • CRVM_A Link of PRT data to a material
  • CRVS_A Relationship of PRT internal number to PRT external number
  • CRVS_B Relationship of PRT external number to PRT internal number

Customising tables:

  • TCF02 PRT categories
  • TCF03 Texts for the production resources/tools category
  • TCF04 Status of the PRT master
  • TCF05 Language-dependent text table for PRT status
  • TCF06 Field groups in the PRT master for reference
  • TCF07 Language-dependent texts for field groups in PRT master
  • TCF08 Assignment of PRT master fields to field groups
  • TCF10 PRT control key
  • TCF11 Language-dependent text table for PRT control keys
  • TCF12 PRT group key
  • TCF13 Language-dependent text table for PRT group keys


  • PROJ Project definition
  • PRPS WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
  • PRTE Scheduling Data for Project Item
  • Logical databases: CNJ, PSJ, IMA

Purchase Requisition

  • EBAN Purchase Requisition
  • EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
  • EBUB Index for Stock Transport Requisitions for Material
  • Logical databases: BAM, BKM, BBM

Purchasing document

  • EKAN Vendor Address: Purchasing Document
  • EKBE History of Purchasing Document
  • EKBZ History of Purchasing Document – Delivery Costs
  • EKET Delivery Schedules
  • EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
  • EKKO Purchasing Document Header
  • EKPO Purchasing Document Item
  • EKPB “Material Provided” Item in Purchasing Document
  • EKPV Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr. for Purch. Doc. Item

Purchasing info record

  • EINA Purchasing Info Record – General Data
  • EINE Purchasing Info Record – Purchasing Organization Data
  • EIPA Order Price History, Info Record
  • EIKP Export/import header data
  • EIPO Export/Import Item Data
  • KONH Conditions (Header)
  • KONP Conditions (Item)
  • KONM Conditions (1 Dimensional Quantity Scales)
  • KONW Conditions (1 Dimensional Value Scales)
  • Logical databases: IFM, ILM


  • RKPF Document Header: Reservation
  • RESB Reservation/dependent requirements
  • Logical databases: RKM, RNM, POH

Sales Document

  • VBAK Header Data
  • VBAP Item Data
  • VBAG Release Data by Schedule Line in Sch.Agrmt.
  • VBUK Header Status and Administrative Data
  • VBUP Item Status
  • VBRL SD Document: Invoice List
  • VBPA Partner
  • VBKD Business Data
  • VBKA Sales activities
  • VBEP Schedule Line Data
  • VBRK Billing: Header Data (invoice)
  • VBRP Billing: Item Data (invoice)
  • VBFA Sales Document Flow
  • VTTP Shipment item
  • LIKP Delivery Header Data
  • LIPS Delivery: Item data
  • Logical databases: AAV, AKV, ARV, VFV

Sales requirements

  • VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records
  • VBBS Sales Requirement Totals Record

Storage locations and stocks

  • LAGP Storage bins
  • LEIN Storage unit header records
  • LQUA Quants
  • LQUAB Total quant counts for certain strategies
  • MEIK Make-to-Order Stock for Customer Order
  • MSCA Sales Orders on Hand with Vendor
  • MSKA Sales Order Stock
  • MBPR Stock at Production Storage Bin
  • MLGN Material Data per Warehouse Number
  • MLGT Material Data per Storage Type
  • SLGH Elements of Stock Population
  • Logical databases: S1L, S2L


  • PLKO Task list – header
  • PLAS Task list – selection of operations/activities
  • PLPO Task list – operation/activity
  • PLKZ Task list: main header
  • PLWP Allocation of Maintenance Packages to Task List Operations
  • PLAB Relationships
  • PLFH Task list – production resources/tools
  • PLFL Task list – sequences
  • PLFT Process instructions
  • PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values
  • PLMZ Allocation of bill of material items to operations (component list)
  • PLPR Log collector for task lists
  • MAPL Allocation of task lists to materials
  • EAPL Allocation of task lists to pieces of equipment
  • TAPL Allocation of task lists to functional locations

Transfer requirement

  • LTBK Transfer requirement header
  • LTBP Transfer requirement item
  • Logical databases: R1L, RBL, RUL

User data

  • USR01 User master record (run-time data)
  • USR02 Logon data
  • USR03 User address data
  • USR04 User master authorisations
  • USR05 User Master Parameter ID
  • USR06 Additional data per user
  • USR07 Object/values of last failed authorisation check
  • USR08 Table for user menu entries
  • USR09 Entries for user menus (work areas)
  • USR10 User master authorisation profiles
  • USR11 User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10)
  • USR12 User master authorisation values
  • USR13 Short Texts for Authorisations
  • USR14 Surchargeable language versions per user
  • USR15 External User Name
  • USR20 Date of last user master reorganisation
  • USR30 Additional Information for User Menu
  • USR40 Table for illegal passwords
  • USR41 User master: Additional data
  • USRCOBJ Object Filters for Exploding Product Structures
  • USRM0 Material Master User Settings: User Screen Reference
  • USRM1 Material Master User Settings: Organisational Levels
  • USRM2 Material Master User Settings: Logical Screens
  • USRMM User settings: material master

Vendor master

  • LFA1 General section
  • LFAS VAT registration numbers general section
  • LFB1 Company code
  • LFB5 Dunning data
  • LFBK Bank details
  • LFC1 Transaction figures
  • LFC3 Special G/L transaction figures
  • LFM1 Record purchasing organization data
  • Logical databases: KDF

WM transfer

  • LTAK WM transfer order header
  • LTAP WM transfer order item
  • LUBU Posting change document
  • Logical databases: R0L, RTL

Other tables

  • NRIV Number ranges

Useful Transactions

  • AL11 Display SAP Directories
  • AL12 Display Table Buffer
  • SA38 ABAP/4 Reporting
  • SA39 SA38 for Parameter Transaction
  • SCDN Change Documents for Number Ranges
  • SE01 Transport and Correction System
  • SE03 Transport Utilities
  • SE06 Set Up Workbench Organiser
  • SE07 Transport System Status Display
  • SE09 Workbench Organiser
  • SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance
  • SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
  • SE16 Data Browser
  • SE17 General Table Display
  • SE61 R/3 Documentation
  • SE63 Translation
  • SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench
  • SE91 Maintain Messages
  • SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes
  • SF01 Logical file names
  • SM01 Lock transactions
  • SM02 System Messages
  • SM04 User Overview
  • SM12 Display and Delete Locks
  • SM13 Display Update Records
  • SM21 System Log
  • SM31 Table Maintenance
  • SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
  • SM36 Define Background Job
  • SM37 Background Job Overview
  • SM38 Queue Maintenance Transaction
  • SM39 Job Analysis
  • SM50 Work Process Overview
  • SMX Display Own Jobs
  • SNRO Number Range Objects
  • SO21 Maintain PC Work Directory
  • SPAD Spool Administration
  • SU02 Maintain Authorisation Profiles
  • SU53 Display Check Values
  • SHDB Record batch input
  • FILE Logical file names – client independent
  • SA01 Logical file names – client dependant

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