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Questions Salesforce ADM-201


Questions Salesforce ADM-201

In a private sharing model, the following can be used when Role Hierarchy alone isn’t sufficient when providing record access to users (Choose all that apply.)
Identify the maximum number of leads / contacts that you can add from a report at one time using Integrated Campaign Builder:
The system administrator has been asked to create a way to track Shipments of products to customers. Shipments should be closely tied to the Opportunity record and there may be more than one shipment record per Opportunity and the Opportunity should be required (i.e. Users cannot save a Shipment record without associating it to an Opportunity). The system administrator should create.
Scheduled reports run in the time zone of the user who schedules the report.
What is the default report format for new reports created in report builder?
Standard Fiscal Years are periods that follow Gregorian calendar, but can start on the first day of any month of the year.
Inline Editing is available in visual force pages?
With Spring’11 release now you can have Photos in Dashboard components?
The system administrator needs to prevent telesales teams from logging into Salesforce outside of the office. How will he/she do this?
What is the maximum number of values you can have in a picklist?
Use ____________ to filter or segment picklist values based on the user’s profile.
Where can a system administrator go if they are trying to determine why a user cannot log in to Salesforce? (Choose all that apply.)
The SideBar search does not Search the following: Choose 3 answers
Marketing and Sales users at Universal Containers would like more visibility into Lead and Contact participation in this years Trade Show. How would an Administrator build this into the application? Choose 2 answers
AW computing has a discount workflow that requires approval from the Sales director when the discount is over 15% and from the VP of Global sales if the discount is over 30%. The sales rep has created a discount for 10% on a new opportunity. What happens when the sales Rep submits the request for approval?
Default values are available for standard text fields
Customizable Forecasting is a prerequisite in order to enable territory management?
Documents count toward Data Storage.
If a lead, with a single marketing campaign is converted, the campaign information will map to the newly created contact and opportunity record automatically
Select the order in which the Workflow actions fire in Salesforce.
User interface settings are global settings and apply to all users of an org.
What is a Dashboard made of?
UI component for tag Access (Choose 2)
You can customize the Opportunity Stage History related list on an Opportunity Page Layout.
If you are added to a Sales Team with read/write access you then have the ability to extend sharing on the opportunity to other users.
When a Lead is converted, an Account, Contact and _______ record are created.
Related Lists display the many side of a one-to-many relationship
How many fields can be enabled for tracking on a custom Object?
With Spring ’11, a new version of Chatter Desktop is available with performance optimizations and enhancements that let you:
Locale settings control how users view date formats, time formats and number formats.
Mail Merge is available in which Salesforce Editions?
Workflow Rules Consist of the following components:
The automated case user will be listed on the case history for all actions that are system defined, including:
Salesforce is which of the following:
What is Sharing Rule?
All of the following are true about Default Sales Teams EXCEPT:
Which of the following relationships are correct?
When you define a Data Validation Rule, what else must you also define?
How many Roll Up summary fields can be created in the enterprise Edition on a Custom Object?
On which of these areas Data Validation rules are enforced but no feedback is given to users?
Which objects support business processes?
Which of the following statements is/are true for sharing rules? (Choose all that apply.)
If Custom Fiscal Years are enabled then you cannot use Standard Forecasting?
What is the significance of Primary Master `” Detail Relationship in a Junction Object?
Maximum number of values allowed in a controlling field is:
Which Import functionality of salesforce.com should be used if one needs to import the 30000 Cases in Salesforce.com?
Which of the following are true about Master/Detail relationship in custom objects?
A public group is a grouping of all Except?
Is it possible to report on the converted Leads?
What determines a unique User Record?
Custom lead fields can be mapped to which sets of objects in salesforce.com?
Folders are used to manage:
Which of the following are not standard objects?
On Lead Conversion a Lead Object Custom field can not be mapped to Which Object custom field?
Org wide default is set to private. Kathy is assigned US Sales Director role with access rights to view opportunities owned by other users associated to her accounts. Jennifer is assigned EMEA Rep Role and Phil to US rep role. Which business opportunities can Kathy VIEW and EDIT?
Which combination of objects is available when creating a custom report type for Chatter reports?
How many profiles can load in a single list view with Enhanced Profile Management enabled?
How does an agent submit an article for publishing? Choose 3 answers:
An S-Control may be used in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
After Spring &39; 11 upgrade the System Administrator noticed that he can no longer see the “Report Builder” permission on profiles. Which of the following explains the scenario?
How many Custom Summary Formula Fields are allowed on a single Report?
What is conditional highlighting for reports?
Standard profile permissions cannot be edited.
What does the dashboard snapshot on the Home Page display?
Data validation ensures the integrity of data when data is exported in SF
Time-Dependent Workflow `” Maximum Triggers Allowed Per Rule:
Which of the following are standard Salesforce applications?
When you have exceeded your general storage limit, you can use your complimentary document storage for additional space.
How many roles can you create for your org?
Assume the Organization Wide default sharing is set to private for all objects and no sharing rules have been created. You have two users in the Sales Rep Role, can they view each other’s data?
Select the best component to use if you want to list the top five sales performers on a dashboard.
When are WF rules evaluated?
The opportunities fields of the campaign statistics section on a campaign detail page will only be populated for the campaign designated as the primary campaign source?
For which objects you have business processes?
What can users do when Chatter feed tracking is enable for dashboards? Choose 2 answers.
Which of the following is true about Page layouts?
Which is a capability of a campaign? Choose 2 answers
Custom Picklist fields can be either controlling or dependent fields
Salesforce.com record Id’s are Identical in?
Which statements are true about Cloud Scheduler?
Which action type is represented by an icon in the process visualizer? Choose 2 answers
Activities are both Tasks and Calendars
Do Validation rules get enforced on the Lead Conversion?
You must run the report before you can print or export it because the Printable View and Export details buttons are not available in the report builder.
When test driving an application on the AppExchange Directory, it is not possible to view the S-Control configurations of that application
Will two different users get the same search results on searching for a common keyword?
Which tool should be used to Import more then 65000 records in Salesforce.com?
Standard picklists can be the controlling field but not the dependent in a field dependency:
Universally required fields always display on edit pages regardless of field-level security.
Which of the following does not need business process?
Permission sets can replace the need for profiles.
Which of the following statements are true about trusted ranges?
Spring \’11 includes a managed version of Chatter Desktop for enterprise deployments, and administration controls for controlling access to Chatter Desktop in your organization.
You will need a security token to access Salesforce via (Choose all that apply.)
What can a Task do that an Email Alert Cannot do? Choose 2 answers.
How do you find out that the Approval Process is edited?
All dashboard viewers see data based on the security settings of the Running User`”regardless of their own personal security settings?
Field Level Security cannot be used to make a field required.
The Salesforce Console is an example of what?
Which of the following components is displayed only if the record in the detail view has associated records?
Is possible to view a forecast based on all of the following EXCEPT:
Enterprise, Developer and Unlimited System Administrators can create an unlimited number of Custom Profiles from scratch.
Which report format summarizes data in a grid against horizontal and vertical criteria and provides totals for both rows and columns?
You must create the business process before creating record types for each of these objects Except?
Record locking prevents users from editing a record only if they have certain field-level security or sharing settings.
Which statement is TRUE regarding look up filters? Choose 2 answers
What is not true about sharing Rules?
The system administrator was testing workflow rules and needs to delete pending time-based workflow actions. How can he/she do this?
Which file types can you use when exporting reports?
How many ranges can be defined in the case of a Conditional Highlighting?
It is possible for a User to own a record and not see it if they don’t have the Read Permission to the Object.
The difference between an opportunity record type and a sales process is:
Which of the following make a User record Unique?
Manual sharing allows administrators to grant one-off access to individual records, users cannot grant this access even if they own the record.
Which of the following profile permissions will enables the User to edit any record, regardless of the Sharing Model?
Identify the statement that correctly defines data validation
API’s are not available for use in which Salesforce.com edition?
Which Feature is not available in Salesforce.com?
Which action can be performed on the Campaign Member object? Choose 3 answers
Users can be restricted to view a particular field in views, searches and reports by hiding the field at
The support team has asked the System Administrator to automate the notification of a customer’s support plan ending – they would like for the Customer Support Rep to receive an email 30 days before the Support Plan Expires (Support Plan Expiration Date is on the Account record). What will the system administrator do?
What are different Types of Sharing Rules? (Choose all that apply.)
Which is a consideration when creating a drill-to-detail dashboard component?
Can you make a standard field unique?
What is Salesforce.com Partner Portal? Choose 2 answers:
The Campaign ROI Analysis Report uses which of the following calculations to determine the ROI percentage for a campaign?
Record type picklist filtering applies to dependent picklists.
Which Step is not a part of creating custom application?
In order to import Opportunity records into Salesforce, a system administrator may use the Import Wizard.
All of the following actions may take place on a Workflow Rule EXCEPT:
Which statement is TRUE regarding Dynamic Dashboard:
Custom formula fields are recalculated:
If a user tries to login outside the IP range specified in their profile, the result will be.
This type of relationship links two objects together, but it has no effect on deletion, record ownership, or security, and the lookup relationship field is not required in the page layout.
Both accounts and users can exist in multiple territories.
Can the User Records be permanently deleted from the Salesforce.com?
The Data Loader can de-duplicate records during import.
How is the expected revenue calculated in the opportunity?
The org wide default is set to private. Phil smith the owner of ABC account is a US Sales Rep reporting to the US Sales Director. The users in the US sales rep role can edit ALL opportunities associated with the accounts they own. Tim an EMEA sales rep owns an opportunity associated with the ABC account. Identify the correct role access.
An active user record consumes a license.
Printable View does not Save all the report formatting.
If you delete an email from a case and then delete the case, you will not be able to retrieve the deleted email from the Recycle Bin
Where does the click path Your Name –> Set up -> Security controls -> Sharing settings lead to?
Chatter Desktop is not available in which Salesforce Edition?
A system administrator can opt to lock users out of the Salesforce org if they exceed a certain number of failed login attempts.
A Record Owner has the following privileges:
Which is a capability of the Cloud Scheduler? Choose 2 answers:
Author and the owner have same access to the document
Which is true about a Chatter Plus user?
Formatting of report is maintained when it is exported via Printable View?
If a field is visible in the search layout but hidden for certain users via the field-level security settings then which of the following statement is true?
With Spring 11 release, you can now sort line items in the Quote Line Items related list on a quote. Syncing a quote with an opportunity also syncs product sort order.
In which of the following edition you can create a Managed Package?
When are data Validation Rules enforced?
Account Teams might be utilized for what?
What are the two main parts of WF?
How many custom fields can be created on an object in an unlimited Edition?
What is not found on a Company Profile?
Which of the following is part of the Sales Cloud 2?
The following can be done by a System Admin to a standard field.
Where will a Campaign associated with a Lead be visible? Choose 2 answers
Auto Response rules work on which objects?
Which of the following components inherits the record type and profile associations, related lists, fields, and field access settings from its associated page layout?
The Account owner, Opportunity Owners and case owners:
Fields hidden using Field Level Security are subject to Data Validation Rules.
If Field Level Security prevents a user from viewing the Credit Card field on the Opportunity record, the user will also be prevented from seeing this field (Choose all that apply.)
Which step is required when configuring the new Salesforce for outlook?
YOU are working with a Professional Edition organization. They wish to install the Expense Tracker which requires the use of 4 custom tabs, 3 custom objects, and one custom app. If the company is already using 4 applications, 36 custom objects, and 7 custom tabs, what will happen when they try to install Expense Tracker?
When creating a sales process, the System Administrator will be modifying/filtering the values of the __________ field.
Standard Fiscal Years are for companies that break down their fiscal years,quarters and weeks in to fiscal periods.
Reports show only the information you can access where as Dashboards show information which you even cannot access.
Multiple record types may be created for every tab with the exception of:
Recent Item and Look up Hover Views use the:
In order to create a many-to-many relationship between two objects, a junction object must be created. This junction object will have a Master-Detail relationship to both objects.
Lead assignment rules assign leads to owners and queues based on the criteria the system admin specifies within the rule.
A cross object formula references fields from parent objects.
A custom field is made Read only from the Field level security and Required from Page layout. The Field will be:
A checkbox can be the controlling field to a dependent picklist.
Customizable Forecasting must be enabled for use with Custom Fiscal years.
Which feature in SFDC combines a list view and related records into one screen with different frames so that users have all the information they need when interacting with Salesforce.com?
Validation rules may evaluate an opportunity line item against the opportunity it’s associated with
What happens when you delete an object that is related to a junction object by a lookup relationship?
Which of the field types cannot be used as an External Id?
What statement is true regarding a custom field formula?
You must be a user of salesforce.com in order to Receive an email notification in the case escalation process:
What happens when an email is sent to a customer from a case?
_________ are words or short phrases that users can associate with most Salesforce.com records to describe and organize their data in a personalized way?
A user who has access to formula field can reference fields to which he or she doesn’t have access to allowing him or her to view restricted data.
Which objects can be customized for history tracking?
How many Solution records can be imported via Import Wizard?
Only 1 permission set can be assigned to a user.
What is true about a Role?
Users can be deleted from salesforce.com
Which of the following object does not support the Business process?
Inline editing updates the field when
Multiple record types may be created for every tab, with the exception of
When Chatter is enabled in an org, the following happens (Choose all that apply).
Is identity confirmation necessary if a user’s IP address is known and browser cookie exists?
Which types of files can be accessed from the Files tab?
You can create the following Email Template Formats: Choose 4
When is a workflow rule triggered?
If a lead is converted without a value in the company field, what happens?
To make a field required, which of the following is used) (Pick the best possible answer)
When you insert a record using the API, Do Validation rules are expected?
Clients do not have to enable Customizable forecasting before they can ask salesforce to activate Territory Management.
Tab settings allow System Admin to customize which tabs are visible to users:
If a Report is run which returns 20,000 records then:
A sales team is a set of users that normally work together on _________ ?
System Administrators have this permission by default.
IF(ISPICKVAL(picklist_field)) has the same output as:
A Profile is a collection of settings and permissions that determine what the user can do with records they have access to and how they view those records.
The Chatter Free license gives users the ability to access People, Profiles, Groups and Files as well as (Choose all that apply.)
Criteria-based sharing rules allow administrators to share records based on field values rather than record ownership.
Which of the following are new features on Chatter tab?
You can use Sharing Rules to grant wider access to data. You cannot restrict access below your OWD levels.
Which of the following Email Template cannot be used to send a mass email?
Sales reps at AW Computing need assistance from product managers when selling certain products. Product managers do not have access to Opportunities but need to gain access when assisting on a specific deal. How can the system administrator accomplish this?
A Standard Fiscal Year can start on May 1st.
Is it possible to have Sidebar search enabled with Global Search?
Every profile, including profiles associated with Customer Portal users must have at least one visible app.
On deleting a Tab from an Application ___________.
Which of the following settings directly affects Date fields to display as MM/DD/YYYY?
What is the maximum number of records to be printed in the Printable View of a list view?
How many other fields may a custom lead field be mapped to when converting a lead?
Field-level security can be used to make a field required
You can create a Lookup Relationship to link an object with itself.
Which statement about custom summary formulas is true?
What do you need to specify when you schedule a report?
Which of the following is NOT controlled by the Page Layout?
How would an Administrator ensure that specific field values are always represented by the same color each time the value is displayed on any dashboard component?
Is it possible for a user to own a record and not see it:
The system administrator has created a new custom object and application. This individual now needs to populate the new object with 1000 records, which are formatted in a CSV file. The Import Wizard (Data Management –> Import Custom Objects) is appropriate for this task.
Where do you go to create a List View so that you can see it on the Console, under the Accounts object?
Which feature effectively allows you to “lock” the converted amount on closed opportunities?
Case Assignment Rules are based on elapsed time
Reports and views are not renamed based on the new label value
If a user has public read-only access to records [that he/she does not own], the following are true.
Multiple Approvers have received your request for approving a discount that was invoked by the approval process? Approver A rejects your request. Approver B accepts your request after Approver A rejects it. Is your request approved or denied. (Assume you need only one person to approve out of all the approvers)
A _________ defines a collection of settings and permissions that determines what users can see in the user interface, and what they can do.
Which one does NOT apply to Custom Formula Fields?

The Report Builder is different from the Report Wizard.

Which is a capability of drag-and-drop dashboards? Choose 2 answers:
Time-dependent workflow will not work with which type of workflow evaluation criteria?
What would prevent a user from including fields when running a report?
Who can invite Chatter customers into a Chatter group?
Is it true that campaigns and opportunities have many to many relationship?
Are custom object reports accessible when you add a custom object tab?
What should a system administrator use to disable an application for a group of users?
What is the click path to enable Enhance Profile Management?
In Spring’11 salesforce.com release Dynamic Dashboards have been launched for which edition:
Which email address option is available to override the From Email Address in a Workflow Email Alert?
If the company locale is set to US English, all users will have a default locale of US English and this cannot be changed.
Which are Activity Attachment Enhancements in Spring 11?
What should a system administrator consider before importing a set of records into Salesforce.
Adding a user to the sales team group will give access to opportunity records that was previously a restricted account.
A Workflow rule can only be triggered when a record is created.
What is Force.com Platform? Choose 3 answers:
A record owner has the privileges to: View and edit records, transfer or change ownership of records, and delete owned records.
The size limit for documents uploaded is:
When you delete a Contact, it’s associated Campaign Member record is deleted as well.
What statements is False for a workflow task:
Which is a capability of the new Service Cloud console?
To prevent a user from logging into the Salesforce org outside normal business hours, the System Administrator would do this in:
How many Custom Summary Formulas can you have per report?
Following are the Custom Business Objects EXCEPT:
Escalation rules only run during the business hours with which they are associated?
The maximum number of values in controlling picklists is the same as in dependent picklists.
Record Types are not available in Select the right choice
Can an administrator change the profile settings of the Standard Solution Manager profile?
Though multiple campaigns can be influential, you can only designate one campaign as the primary campaign source on the opportunity?
Workflow Tasks are NOT tracked in the Activity History and can be reported on MMM?
If a company opts to use Custom Fiscal Years, they cannot use the standard forecasting option.
All of the following are types of AppExchange Applications EXCEPT:
How can you export accounts and contacts in a Contact Manager edition of Salesforce?
Which of the following statements about a user record are true?
A user successfully login’s at 3:00 PM, What happens at 3:31 PM, if the Login hours for the user’s Profile are set from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM?
Up to 25 custom lookup fields can be defined per object.
A new list view can be created from within the console
Which of the following statements are true about Data Validation?
It is possible for an Account to be part of multiple Territories?
Can logins on specific days be restricted?
Which objects can be stored in a folder?
Custom Report Types (CRT) allows you to build a framework from which users can create and customize reports in the report wizard but not in report builder.
Account team is a set of users that normally work together on _________?
When you delete a parent record, you will also delete the child record if that child record has a lookup relationship to the deleted record:
You can use standard reports when creating Dashboards
Which of the following is Not a Mandatory Field while creating a User Record?
A Dashboard is a visual representation of data from multiple reports and (Choose all that apply.)
Can WF update formula fields?
The running user doesn’t override the sharing role while allowing users to see high-level sales data for everyone, not just
When looking at a vertical column chart, what can a user click on to drill down to a filtered source report? Choose 3 answers
Even a user with “View all data” (VAD) permission cannot view hidden folders as well as folders shared to no one.
What is the Impact on a User of the Organization level Locale Changes?
What can an agent do when resolving a case? Choose 2 answers
The following are true about scheduling and emailing reports.
The value in a Custom Field called Salary is 50,000. What would the formula, ISNUMBER (Salary_c), return
Based solely on the role hierarchy a manager can do all of the following EXCEPT:
Where does Chatter Feed display?
The formula editor may be used all of the following places EXCEPT:
Which statement is / are false for folders?
What is the maximum number of records that return in a report without exporting the results?
What type of information can NOT be shown with an S-Control Dashboard component?
Can a user create his or her own Default Sales Team?
Which of the statements is/are true for data validation?
Lookup fields allow users to select a record from another object during data entry, creating a parent-child relationship.
Folders are used to organize the following (Choose all that apply.)
For custom object records to appear in search results associated tab only needs to exist; the tab does not have to be visible to users.
Which of the following feature allows you to send an email when an opportunity reaches a threshold value?
If Phil is promoted from a Sales Associate to Senior Sales Exec, and the new sales associate is appointed to take Phil’s responsibilities. What are the appropriate steps to transfer Phil’s account to the new associate?
Who may be assigned a workflow task? There are 5 correct answers.
From the below `¦identify the WF action?
An admin changed the org default language from English to spanish. What must end users do to see this change?
A service portal user may close their cases using Suggested Solutions in the self service portal.
__________ are a collection of Force.com components and applications that are made available to other organizations through the AppExchange.
Which of the following chart types does not support Combination Chart?
Which of the following objects cannot be imported via the Salesforce.com Import Wizard?
Assignment rules allow Leads and Cases to be automatically assigned to users and queues based on criteria defined by the system administrator.
Opportunity products can be linked in a Lookup Relationship:
Which of the following are standard Salesforce applications? (Choose all that apply.)
Which of the following are enhancements included in the Spring 11 release?
In order to update records using the Data Loader, what field must be present in the csv file?
Which of the following are true about formula fields?
Conditional highlighting can not be used for?
An Approval Process begins when a record is:
The first approval step in a process specifies the action to take if a record does not advance to that step.
Will users have to use their security token when logging into connect for outlook if their IP range has already been added to a trusted IP range?
Which of the following are not controlled by the Page layouts?
Which of the following components lets customers find solutions to their cases on their own?
A company that uses custom fiscal year: A standard forecast option is unavailable. Administrator will have to build a custom forecast for the same.
What is the maximum of time triggers per Workflow Rule?
Custom Web Tab may consist of all the following EXCEPT:
Which of the following types of packages can be upgraded?
User is given a choice in a pop up window
Which of the following is not an available function in the Formula Fields?
Which is the new type of Dashboard Chart to make entry in Spring’11 Release?
How would you allow collaborative access to accounts , contacts, contracts, opportunities, and cases of a US Sales rep, and Asia sales rep, and an EMEA sales rep?
A System Administrator can edit a profile to:
If a profile does not have access to an application, that profile will also not have access to the tabs and objects of that application
An S-Control may be all of the following EXCEPT:
What is the maximum number of actions you can have per Workflow Rule?
Time based workflow can be triggered every time a record is created or edited
What can an administrator customize for the Service Cloud console?
Recent Items use the?
Can a Standard User Profile import members into a campaign?
How many workflow rules can you create per entity?
A Sales VP wishes to view Dashboard data by region within his territory – what feature will allow this?
Which of the following object relationships is NOT allowed?
Which is a feature of combination charts? Choose 2 answers
With sharing rules one can make automatic exceptions to the organization-wide default for defined sets of users.
Can a user restrict access with the help of the sharing rules?
What does a Profile Control?
When transferring an account from one user to another, which of the following options are selectable? (Choose all that apply.)
Who can select the “sharing” button on Account and Opportunity records?
The page layout allows users to see the Next Steps field on an Opportunity record, Field Level Security dictates that the field is hidden, how will the field appear to the user?
An opportunity that reaches the threshold with 80% probability will trigger additional alerts if the probability subsequently goes higher to 85%.
This helps you manage the complete lifecycle of customer service,from logging cases to suggesting and delivering solutions across multiple channels, including Web self-service and live agent support:
Which data can be synched using the new Salesforce for Outlook?
Use a __________ picklist to filter the values of one picklist based on the value of another picklist.
Will data be lost in a Custom Field if Data Type is changed to Number from any other Data Type?
Chatter External license allow users outside the company to join public Chatter groups.
Which of the following is an automated process your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce.com?
It is possible to share a custom object record manually
You can then associate each business process with one / more record types and make it available to users based on their:
What information may be updated on the Company Profile?
How many Solution records can be imported via Import Wizard?
Which function is available in the report builder interface, prior to running the report?
What information does the Company Profile Hold?
Which of the following is the new workflow feature of Spring’11 Release?
Conditional Highlighting only applies to the first summary field column in the table?
When configuring Customizable Forecasting, you can set which of the following Forecast Dates for determining which opportunities contribute to the forecast?
Deleted records will be stored in the Recycle Bin for up to 15 days.
Dynamic Dashboards allow data to be displayed by the user viewing it, rather than by a specified running user – eliminating the need to create the same dashboard for multiple users.
Which of the following statements are true concerning email activation?
Record Type may determine the default value of a picklist field.
What is parallel approval Routing?
System administrators can modify tab settings for custom profiles (Default On, Default Off and Hidden).
Which of the following is not a standard Profile?
If a user leaves your company, the system administrator should do the following to prevent future access to the Salesforce org.
A Standard profile that has Standard User Permissions and can manage published solutions and solution categories
Can you perform field updates on an object related to a rule.
AW Computing needs to track the manufacturer and model for specific computers and laptops. How can the system administrator ensure that manufacturer selected influences the values available for model.
How does Locale settings affect your exported CSV file?
All of the following objects may have a queue EXCEPT
Standard reports are visible through the Reports search.
Used to set the default levels of access for users to records they do not own.
Which type of field cannot have universal requiredness?
Which action must be taken to view contacts associated with a case in the console?
All fields on the Approval page layout are available to view on the Approval History related list
All the following are Main Setup areas in Salesforce.com EXCEPT?
Which of the following features is not available in Professional Edition?
Which type(s) of file(s) is accessible through Content?
You can edit their user profiles and define Trusted IP ranges so that users don’t have to activate new computers within this range but without blocking those that are not.
You can use standard reports when creating
5 dynamic dashboards for Enterprise Edition 10 for Unlimited Edition 3 Developer Edition. To create, edit, and delete dynamic dashboards: `Run Reports` AND `Manage Dynamic Dashboards` Which of the following events are allowed while writing a trigger on feeds item and feed Comment object?
Which of the following is NOT a Standard Salesforce.com Functionality?
On Lead Conversion, the Close Date of the newly created opportunity is automatically set to?
When you add a custom object tab, all of the following will be accessible with the object EXCEPT
Organization-Wide Default Sharing Rule for Calendar Access Default is as Follows:
A custom lookup field can be added to create a relationship between a standard object and which of the following objects?
Mass Mail Contacts option doesn’t appear under the Tools section in the Contacts tab, what could have caused this?
Public groups can be used to simplify the creation of sharing rules for Administrators.
How can you ensure that a value is entered in a field?
Which of the following is not a Standard Salesforce.com Application?
Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user adds a related comment to the case?
You can update licenses on the Company Profile.
A security token is required for API access when connecting from an IP address within the list of trusted networks.
Your organization is a US-based company with a default currency of US Dollars. As a sales rep, your personal currency set to British Pounds. You create an opportunity with a currency in British Pounds. The administrator updates the currency conversion rates. Which of the following best describes what happens to the amount of your British-Pound-based opportunity?
Universal Containers would like their sales reps to be able to send branded email invitations to customers for business meetings and to collaborate with customers from a branded Website to find a suitable meeting time. How can an Administrator accomplish this?
Which of the following are setting options for the User Interface?
For how many days deleted records are kept in the Recycle Bin?
Which of the following are true about List Views?
The formula editor may be used all of the following places EXCEPT:
Which of the following is the best way to make the Field Mandatory for everyone?
A controlling picklist can have up to how many values?
What type of field can a lookup filter be applied to? Choose 3 answers
Salesforce.com archives older activities according to which of the following conditions:
Which of the following Collaboration Cloud Enhancements Features are automatically visible to all users after Winter 11 and no setup is required?
Which one is the following is a salesforce.com definition for an opportunity?
What can be reviewed using the process visualizer?
Which of the following is not a valid business process in Salesforce.com?
Which report type provides a simple list of data with no subtotals?
Custom Summary Formulas can run calculations on custom formula fields.
Page layouts are assigned to _____________.
A role has many to many relationships with the user?
A Workflow Approval process may be used for all of the following objects EXCEPT:
Which cannot be done on a Salesforce to Salesforce connection finder?
Which of the following is a standard Profile?
In order to implement more business process multiple record types must also be implemented:
Which are true about Trialforce Email Branding?
Which of the following can NOT be used to customize your Home Page?
A sales manager would like to view a dashboard from the perspective of different users and switch between users without editing the dashboard. How would an administrator enable this?
All of the following may be uploaded to the AppExchange Directory EXCEPT:
Who can manually share records?
The system administrator needs to ensure that all Leads coming from the website are assigned a website lead queue, that all Leads for a recent trade show are assigned to Matt Wilson and all other leads are assigned to Phil Smith. The system administrator will
All of the following may be used when updating a record using the AppExchange Data Loader EXCEPT:
When are Formula Fields recalculated?
Once a field is hidden from a Profile using ‘Field Level Security’, a User associated to that Profile can still see the field using the following:
If there are any users in the organization that shouldn’t have view access to Account records, the OWD for Accounts should be set to
When a lead is converted it becomes an Account,Contact and Opportunity (unless you opt out of creating an Opportunity)
Which of the following objects support business processes?
What is Force.com Builder? Choose 3 answers:
You must meet the following prerequisites before enabling territory management? Choose 2 answers
What is the maximum of actions per time trigger you can have in a Workflow Rule?
You can only use standard fields when generating email and mail merge documents for leads or contacts.
File attachments, document tabs, and sales force content count towards Data Storage:
Custom Links can be used for the following:
When you Delete a lead from a campaign, it deletes the lead record itself.
Customer Portal users can view the tags section of a page, if it is included in a page layout.
What happens when you delete an object that is related to a junction object by a lookup relationship?
Which of the following SF applications enables organizations to speed and streamline all phases of sales?
To enable Field History Tracking for an object, the system administrator must also add the related list to the page layout.
You can customize to restrict users ability to log in to saleforce.
How can Chatter feed for content can be used? Choose 2 answers
Which of the following are setting options for the User Interface?
If your company’s fiscal year follows the Gregorian calendar, you must use Custom Fiscal Years.
Name one place where inline Editing is not currently possible. (Choose 2 answers)
At this click path Setup > App Setup > Customize > Tab Names and Labels > Rename Tabs and Labels you can rename the Tab Names of standard objects.
Which of the following is an example of One-to-Many Relationships between Standard objects?
When a field is deleted from the pagelayout, does it is also deleted from the Object?
Use Custom Summary Formulas to create calculated summaries on numerical fields in _________ and ________ reports.
Custom Formula fields do Not support which of the following functional expression?
Which of the following will not bypass Identity Confirmation?
Which Salesforce editions support Sandbox?
Data Validation rules is not supported in which Salesforce edition?
Which of the following does a Profile control?
Is it possible for a user to see different Set of data in Report and in a Dashboard based on the same Report?
What happens when a user owns an opportunity record but does not have the Read permission on Opportunity Object?
Which of the following cannot be on the controlling side of the Dependent Picklist?
All of the following are true about Opportunity Pipeline and Forecast reporting EXCEPT:
Which of the following cannot be done by a user to records owned by others when the organization wide default is set to Read / Write to an object?
You can use a Custom Lookup field to create a relationship between an opportunity and a contact.
Which statements are true about standard fields?
Which of the following does Salesforce CRM provide for restricting login access to the application? Choose 3 answers
Final reject actions can include actions such as email alerts
Which of the following are part of the Service Cloud offering?
Searches and Filters that take a long time may be cancelled?
Why would you use early triggers?
Active Currencies live in Company Profile, user record (Personal Setup) and in Opportunity (Record).
Is it possible to relate a person account to a contact on a business account.
Can a delegated approver revoke a previously approved process?
You can share the Dashboard components snapshot with everyone in the Company with chatter?
Custom Fiscal years are for companies that break down their fiscal years, quarters, and weeks in to custom fiscal periods based on their financial planning requirements.
The System Administrator has been asked to ensure an email goes out to Sales Ops when an opportunity is closed notifying them of the closed deal. What evaluation criteria will the system admin use for the workflow rule?
On which OWD sharing defaults the Sharing Rules can’t be defined?
What does a profile control?
It is advisable not to overwrite user records with new user data because it would prevent you from tracking a history of past users and the records associated to them?
You have Read Only access to an account, can you add a task or event to the account?
If using Customizable forecasting there is a seperate forecast role hierarchy
What should be the Advanced filter Conditions to meet the requirement `Find contacts owned by Poo that have a title of CFO, functional role of CFO, or reports to the CFO? 1) Title equals CFO 2) Functional Role equals CFO 3) Reports To equals CFO 4) Contact Owner contains Poo
The record owner is a user or a queue that has control or rights to a particular data record.
You can map a custom lead field to only one of the following objects at a single instance? (Choose all that apply.)
What are two sources from which cases can be created?
Which of the following cannot be used as a source report for the Analytical Snap Shot?
Which one is the following is a salesforce.com definition for a Lead?
How can an Administrator customize campaign members? Choose 2 answers:
Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user adds an activity or sends an email from the case record?
How many fields (columns) can be displayed on a Customizable Related List?
Which of the following can be used to create a back up of data from Salesforce?
Record types specify the following elements.
Which can be accessed by a Chatter Free user?
The account owner, opportunity owners, and case owners may or may not be the same user.
Which Type of Reports can’t be used to create groups of data or charts?
What is True about the Role Hierarchy
Which statements are true for the integrated campaign builder?
Which statement is TRUE regarding dependent lookups? Choose 2 answers:
User A modifies a record. This modification triggers a workflow rule for immediate execution that includes a field update on the current record. After the execution is complete, what user will be listed under the Last Modified field of this record?
Which function can be performed using enhanced profile management? Choose 2 answers
Is it possible for users to override their own forecasts and forecasts for users below them in the forecast hierarchy?
Field Sets works on both Standard as well as Custom Objects?
What are the three core building blocks of Security and Access in Salesforce?
The _______ determines if a user can read, create and edit Contact records, the __________ determines if he can see/edit contact records owned by his subordinates.
Users can post a static image of a component to the dashboard feed, a user feed or a group feed, this feature is called
All of the following are default Account record types- with Client Management EXCEPT:
How many User records can be imported via Import Wizard?
What objects are cases related to?
What are the opportunity defaults when converting a lead to an opportunity?
A record is modified on 1/1/2008. It meets criteria for a time-based workflow rule; this rule schedules an action for 7 days after rule execution. On 1/4/2008 the record is modified and no longer meets workflow rule criteria. On 1/5/2008 the record is modified and once again meets the initial time-based workflow rule criteria. How many workflow actions will execute and when?
Public groups can be any combination of other public groups, users, roles and ________.
Which statement is true regarding High Volume Portal users? Choose 2 answers
With Client Management enabled, when a lead is converted without a value in the company field, it becomes a person account.
Custom Summary Formulas can run calculations on report calculations.
Assets are related to which of the following sets of objects?
What feature would a system administrator implement to allow AW Computing’s prospects/customers to complete a form on the corporate website and have that data automatically become a lead in Salesforce?
Queues cannot be created on which Object in salesforce.com?
Will WF evaluate rules retroactively?
In order to Enable Territory Management you should have:
Which of the following fields CAN NOT be a controlling field for Dependent Picklists?
When converting a lead, what values are transferred to the opportunity?
If the System Administrator set a user to create only a certain record type, this user’s ability to view other record types is affected.
On Lead Conversion a Lead Object Custom field cannot be mapped to Which Object custom field?
Forecasting can be used with Custom Fiscal Years.
Where are active currencies located?
In order to enable multi-currency feature in Salesforce, you must
[106] You can set the Tab as a Landing Tab while creating the Tab for the Object?
Identify the correct statement from the given list.
When are the formula fields Re – Calculated?
Which is a capability of Chatter? Choose 3 answers:
Which are true about Email to Salesforce Enhancements after Spring 11 release?
Which of the following are actions triggered by workflow rules?
Which of the following is not part of the Profile?
When a user logs in the first time to Salesforce, the following takes place (Choose all that apply.)
You can not use the browser’s print function to print reports.
What determines the suggested criteria for lookup filter?
Which of the following statements is true about computer activation?
What happens when you convert a Lead and an existing account and contact have the same name as the one specified on the lead?
A check box can be a controlling field in a field dependency:
What is one advantage of Salesforce CRM?
What is a Managed Package?
Queues can be made up of the following
Users with access to opportunities as sales team members cannot extend sharing for those records:
You can set a default value for a custom field.
Are Tags searchable from standard Search component?
You can use conditional highlighting for summary and matrix report only.
To email a report to other users, the report must be in a public folder with access granted to the other users?
Custom formula fields can reference other custom formula fields including themselves.
Is it possible for a Page layout to be associated with a Record Type.
What happens when a user clicks on the Create New Apps option present in the List of Apps section?
Identify the true statements about the workflow approval process?
Which Salesforce editions provide option for customizing profiles?
Data Validation rules are also enforced using the API and Import Wizards.
Which two functions return the same result when used with fields of the same data type?
Auto response rules can be used to send an automated yet tailored response to customers based on the information they provide via the Web-to-lead form.
A Profile can have many users, but a user can have only one profile.
A user with a Chatter Free User profile has access to records in Salesforce such as Accounts and Contacts.
Dashboards can be created by using Standard Reports as Source Reports?

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